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Ranking The Best NFL Uniforms 2020

Before the kick of any NFL season, many fans are eager to discover the uniforms their respective teams will for 2020. The NFL 2020 gear is out, and fans have rated and slated. So which 2020 NFL uniforms come on top? Check out our 2020 NFL uniform ranking to find out which ones stand a cut above the rest!

10. Seattle Seahawks

Most NFL fans would have a different reaction about the Seattle Hawks 2020 NFL gear. Yes, simply because of the unique neon green color. The color may not be that appealing to some, but the combination looks good. There would certainly have been no better colors to match the neon green dominated jersey than navy blue and white.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It looks like after getting rid of the alarm clock uniforms, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting right with their NFL gear. Yes, this time, they have most of their right boxes with a great looking 2020 gear. Their classic orange color has been used sparingly to avoid clashing with the red color. What steals the glance is the way the logos have been effectively scattered. The pirate ship on the shoulder, small woodwork on the chest, and the bold flag on the sides of the helmet looks cool..

8. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas Chiefs, who are the reigning Super Bowl champions, are not doing badly either with their 2020 NFL gear. The color combination of red and gold stripes on a white-dominated jersey-pants makes the gear eye-catching. The red helmet and white facemask is also a cool looking blend. The stripes on the sleeves and white numbering on an entire red top jersey are also quite creative. Although this NFL gear the most appealing, the color combination is worth some good scores. The downside, though, is that the white bumper above the mask is so plain.

7. Chicago Bears

The Bears have rarely disappointed with its NL gear. The classic white uniforms look quite good, and opponents will even admire them. The mix of navy and orange stripes on the shoulders of a white-dominated top jersey is a good fit. These stripes are also featured on the socks and the helmet, and guess what? This color combination looks very much calculated. The positioning of the logo on the chest is superb, with the font and style of the numbering also not left behind.

6. New England Patriots

It looks like no one does blue, white, and red combination like the New England Patriots. The blue Nike pants with a combination of white and red stripes on either side look remarkable. The top jersey is dominated by white. The sleeves feature red and blue stripes on either side. The number font is simple but perfect. Overall, it is an improvement from its predecessor.

5. Oakland Raiders

It looks like Oakland Raiders know the magic of colors. They have rarely needed more than just black, white, and silver colors. The 2020 NFL gear sees a white-dominated pant with a black stripe on the sides that gets a classic finish of black socks. The black top jersey with white numbering on the front and sleeves is a perfect match. What about the gloves? They also have a very creative design of fading black with some white drawings. The silver helmet with a black stripe is pretty awesome. Everything about this NFL gear is good and deserves a spot among the top picks.

4. Miami Dolphins

Turquoise blue is great and unique! This is arguably one of the hottest unique gear in the league. Their logos and numbering look modern, and nothing looks faulty. The color combination across the entire gear is superb. The Miami Dolphins deserve top ratings in the NFL gear department.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers will definitely look amazing in their 2020 NFL gear. The combination of black and yellow ticks all boxes and is iconic. The unique font across the gear and the asymmetric helmet gives Steelers a stunning look.

2. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys is an iconic name in the NFL. So, what can match the team’s popularity than a standout uniform? The legendary silver helmet with a navy star is amazing. With the addition of all-white color rush and the combination of silver pants, the Dallas Cowboys look unique and great.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers is the cherry on top as far as 2020 NFL uniforms come into play. Their sumptuous design and color combination perfectly fit the profile of the team. The addition of the sunshine gold pants to an already amazing list embodies the ingeniousness of the Chargers design. It looks like a lot was tailored to visual redefinition. The electric spark stripe on the sides of the pant lives up to the Charger’s name. Everything about this uniform is amazing and deserves top spot in NFL gear 2020 list.

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