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The NFL Thinking About Full-Time Employed Officials; It’s About Time


The NFL is a billion dollar business that has millions of fans all across the world hanging on every play week after week.

Yet one of the most important aspects of the game remains the officials, men that fly to games each week and call critical plays, yet are not full-time employees by the league.

They spend time working on film, watching the way the game is called, and even during the offseason have to go to classes to learn new rules as well as how to make the game better.

But again, they are not full-time league employees.

It’s something that Saints coach Sean Payton told NBC Sports radio is “madness” that the NFL doesn’t employ full-time officials, and finally may be addressed by the league after watching mistakes made on a weekly basis by the men in black and white.

Dean Blandino
, the NFL’s vice president of officiating, said the league is finally looking at the possibility of making more officials full-time, ESPN reports.

“This is definitely something we’ve discussed in the past,” Blandino said on NFL Network. “We definitely are going to continue to explore ways to have more full-time opportunities for our officials.

“The referees are critical in this area because they communicate with our crews, they’re crew leaders, and so we’re looking at potentially a way to make some of our referees full-time or have more opportunities to work with them. So that’s something that we’ll continue to look at, and it will be on the agenda during the offseason.”

If the league finally goes through with this, the only thing you can say is ‘it’s about time!’ It’s like playing baccarat squeeze online for the first time against someone who plays everyday, it’s totally unfair.

The league is run by men in suits in New York that get paid millions, yet the league’s officials work regular jobs during the week, then fly to wherever they are going to ref games on Sunday.

The NFL is the only major sports league in North America where the officials are not employed full-time. Major League Baseball, the NBA and NHL’s men who call the game all are employed full-time, and earn a good living doing it.

The NFL should finally get with the times, make the refs more a part of the league and make them full-time. The league is a full-time, year round job for the players as well as coaches and teams, yet these guys can’t get full-time love from the league.


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