Would You Want A Day Off After The Super Bowl?

The NFL is just over a week away from celebrating its 47th Championship Game, and with it there’s an interesting petition going around to try and make the following day a real National Holiday.

The petition, which can be seen and signed at the link below, is in the White House, and what it would do is move President’s Day to Super Bowl Monday every year.

Kevin Murphy of Wayne, NJ sent over the email about the subject, and says as follows about some early results.

It’s received some early signatures, and now we’re trying to attract more publicity for the cause in the next week while the timing is best. Signing the petition takes about two minutes.This move is long overdue, and the process has to start somewhere. Please spread the word if you agree.

What would you think fans? Sounds like an interesting and more so, worth while cause to try and get the day after the Super Bowl off totally!

Here’s the link to the petition, if you want to take the time, go ahead and sign up and let us know how you feel about trying to get the day after the bowl off!


photo credit: skooksie via photopin cc

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