What Subjects Do Fans Want To See In Season Four Of “A Football Life”


If your into the great job that NFL Films does with their show “A Football Life,” then you look forward each week to the excellent work done with each story line and subject that’s chosen.

This season (season 3) there’s already shows produced, with some like the life of Jerry Smith and Jerry Rice that have yet to air.

With the success of the show, a season four is and should be a done deal. Today we give some topics of people/teams/subjects that we think should be covered for season four.

As always we’d love to hear your opinion on the subject, so leave a comment of some of the shows you’d live to see “A Football Life” cover as season four gets ready to start producing.

1. 1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – It was just the fourth season ever for the Bucs, and they went 10-6, won the NFC Central Division, and led by Doug Williams at QB made it to the NFC Title game. A team that had overcome winning just 7 games in their first three seasons, they took Tampa by storm with head coach Jim McKay leading the charge.

2. Chad Johnson – From at one point changing his name to Chad Ochocinco, the flamboyant wide out always let his mouth run and his play speak for itself. Johnson had 6 straight seasons over 1,000 yards receiving, and was a dominant wide out for a Bengals team that at times had major issues winning. His career went in flames quickly, but his entertainment value would keep views easily for 60 minutes.

3. John Madden – The Raiders head coach from 1969 to 1978, Madden put up a staggering mark of 103-32-7 and went 9-7 in the postseason with a Super Bowl win in 1976 over the Vikings. Madden then made a smoothless transition to the broadcast booth, and teamed with Pat Summerall and then eventually with Al Michaels to bring some of the biggest games in NFL history.

4. Instant Replay – One of the most controversial subjects in the history of the NFL, the use of instant replay on close games has always been a great debate. Started in 1986, and then gone between the years of 1992 to 1998, there’s been modifications to Instant Replay, and even to this day, there’s times when to the naked eye a play should go a certain way, but the striped men on the field see it another. Would be a great show.

5. Terrell Owens – Much like Chad Johnson, the high profile career of Terrell Owens is very deserved of a one hour show. A six-time pro bowl player who took the field for 15 years, he still to this day is one of the more talked about players in the game, despite not taking the field in a regular season game in three seasons. Owens’ game as a member of the Eagles in the Super Bowl in 2005 was one of the more heroic outings of all time on a bad ankle.

6. 1991 Atlanta Falcons – Deemed the “Most Fun Team” ever by NFL Network, the 91 Falcons seemed to have it all. They had Jerry Glanville as coach, which should be enough, but from showoffs like Deion Sanders taking kicks back and high stepping all the way, to celebs like M.C. Hammer and Evander Holyfield on the sidelines cheering the team all the way to a wild card spot. The Falcons then beat the rival Saints in a wild card game on the road before losing to the eventual champion Redskins in a divisional playoff game.

7. Jim Harbaugh – From starting as a whipping boy at QB for Mike Ditka and the Bears, to a near Super Bowl in 2005 with the Colts to the head coach of the 49ers after a time at Stanford, the story of Jim Harbaugh is one that would for sure keep viewers attention for 60 minutes.

8. Super Bowl I – A matchup between the heavily favored Packers (were 13-point favorites) against the upstart Chiefs of the AFL, reliving the first Super Bowl is a great way to embrace the past, and also see how far the game has come in nearly 50 years of the big game. Don’t forget that first game in Los Angeles was not even close to a sellout, and was also televised on two TV networks.

9. Bill Cowher – The former Steelers coach was known as “the chin,” and he scowled on the sidelines for 15 seasons with the Steelers, winning a lot of games and winning a Super Bowl in 2005 in Super Bowl XL. Cowher overcame losing a lot of players in his long tenure, and also many felt he should have been let go after three straight non-playoff seasons in 1998 to 2000. Instead, the Steelers stayed the course, and Cowher finally made good on a fifth Lombardi for the Rooney family with a win in Super Bowl XL.

10. Jerry Jones – An owner who seems to make as many headlines as any player, the Cowboys owner seems to draw a lot of attention any time he is behind a microphone. Jones’ life is an interesting story, coming from a background in the oil and gas exploration business to being the owner of one of the most successful sports franchises of all-time. Watching a show about Jones would be a lot of fun to say the least.

23 Comments on "What Subjects Do Fans Want To See In Season Four Of “A Football Life”"

  1. A really awsome would be on N. Kaufman.

  2. How about future hall of famer Marvin Harrison

  3. Sam Mills and Keep Pounding

  4. A story on LB Thomas Davis coming back from 3 ACL surgeries has to be a upcoming story next season. Especially if the Panthers make it to/ win the Super Bowl.

  5. If any one, cower. But honestly, I don’t want to watch anything but football. We don’t need nfl to turn into reality tv

  6. It would be nice if they knew the difference between Jim and John Harbaugh. Why does it say John was the qb at Michigan and the Colts when it was Jim?

  7. I would love to see the story of Tom Flores or Jim Plunkett.

  8. If you love football, do a show about the greatest running back ever, Gayle Sayers.

  9. If any Bengals player deserves a spotlight it’s LEAGUE MVP and multiple record holder and pro bowler Kenny Anderson, given he’s been overlooked by the NFL HOF, he should at least get SOME due….

  10. You know, I just went back to his Wikipeidia page for the1st time in fovever, please see for yourself, Ken Anderson is also the FIRST ever West Coast QB…

  11. What about the first minority to win two Super Bowls? You have a coach and a QB to choose from. In fact Jim Plunkett is the only QB to win two Super Bowls and not even considered for the Hall of Fame!

  12. Jim Plunkett, Bill Walsh, George Halas

  13. Bill Cowher, Jack Lambert, Terry Bradshaw, Rocky Bleier would be interesting with his stint in Vietnam. Lynn Swann, Mean Joe Greene, Franco Harris, Mel Blount, Jerome Bettis. The Rooney family would be great. Take your pick from the Steelers from the 70’s.

    Randy Moss would be interesting, along with Marvin Harrison or Isaac Bruce.

  14. Bobby Layne,great QB of Lions championship teams of 1950s, Lions #20 jersey…Lem Barmey/Billy Sims/Barry Sanders.


  16. I’m 23 years old and grew up when chad Johnson and TO dominated the game at their position. I would love to see those two and maybe Madden. I don’t feel like Harbaugh should even be a choice. The best in my opinion by far, would be Peyton leaving Indy and luck coming in. Jim Irsay would be a perfect fit for the show because he is so outspoken. There are so many great people that could be a part of the show.

  17. Sam Mills!

  18. Dominique Gomez | January 11, 2014 at 6:06 pm | Reply

    Todd Marinovich

  19. The Rooneys! 80 years of football, might need 2 shows. The family has had so much to do with the NFL and making it what it is today. The “Chief” could be a story in his self. Chuck Noll would be another good story.

  20. Rex Ryan

  21. How about the Miracle in the Meadowlands in 1978? Interview Czonka, Pisarchik, Herm Edwards, the coaches, discuss who called the play and why. What led up to that play being called, talk about how the season and the directions of each team turned on that day, etc.

  22. im 20. i dont want to see anything about anyone who is still playing or coaching. thats dumb. show me something about someone who retired 7 or more years ago. my top 3 choices would be: 1. Steelers Defense 2. Darrent Williams (former Broncos DB) 3. Sean Taylor

  23. How about the best referees for every team?

    Because wow, the refereeing in the Bengal-Steeler game is a sight to behold!
    If ever there were an argument for games being controlled/rigged by the refs, this is a mighty fine one.
    $etting up a Ravens-Steelers $howdown maybe? (LOL)
    No wonder the masses are deserting. This ref crap and Colon K, well, do the math..
    It’s like watching CNN report on the election!
    I’m calling $henanigan$!!

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