Video: How Will Teams Look At Manti Te’o Come Draft Day?

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports takes a look at the draft status of Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o.

Te’o remains very much in the public eye after what took place in January that made his the punchline to many jokes around the country.

On December 8, ahead of the Heisman Trophy presentation, Te’o said he “lost both my grandparents and my girlfriend to cancer.” In a New York Post interview published more than three weeks later, Te’o said memories of his grandfather helped him cope with the losses of his grandmother and girlfriend, whom he’d previously said died on the same day.

“So when I lost my grandmother and Lennay, I thought of him. He was my strength,” Te’o told the Post, according to a December 30 article.

It was true that his grandmother had died, but Te’o conceded that he mentioned Kekua again even after — as Couric put it — he “knew that something was amiss,” according to the interview clips.

While he said he didn’t know whether the now-debunked storyline helped him place second in Heisman Trophy voting, he insisted his emotions surrounding Kekua’s loss were authentic.

“What I went through was real. You know, the feelings, the pain, the sorrow — that was all real, and that’s something that I can’t fake,” he said.

How it will effect his draft status remains a question that will have to come to light sooner rather than later.

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