Top 10 Worst NFL Free Agent Signings Of All-Time

David Boston

3. David Boston 2003 San Diego Chargers

Boston landed a mega deal from the Bolts, cashing in for $47 million for 7 seasons with $12 million guaranteed.

The amazing thing about the Boston deal is that he landed it after a 2002 season in Arizona in which he caught just 32 balls for 512 yards and one touchdown.

Boston cared more about his weight lifting career than he did catching passes, and in his only year with San Diego he snagged 70 balls for 880 yards and seven touchdowns.

Not worth the money in the least.

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  1. Pretty good list however I do not agree with Emmitt Smith being on the list. When he signed with the Cardinals he was pretty much done. All the hype that was built up around when he joined the cards was so that they can sell tickets.

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