Top 10 Super Bowls Of All-Time

It’s the biggest game on earth each and every year.  The Super Bowl celebrated its 46th anniversary a few weeks back with the Ravens beating the 49ers for their second world title.  While it was a good game, it didn’t make our list as one of the “Top 10 Super Bowls Of All-Time.”  Feel free to give us your comments with what games you think we should have included!

10. Super Bowl XLIV 2010 New Orleans Saints 31 Indianapolis Colts 17 – A game that was closer than the score, the Saints, formerly known as the “aint’s” came back off a 10-0 deficit and with a gusty onside kick call to start the second half won the game and the hearts of America after the Hurricane that destroyed the city just a few years earlier. Drew Brees played a great game for the MVP, and the Saints finally earned their first title for them and the city.

9. Super Bowl XXXVIII 2004 New England Patriots 32 Carolina Panthers 29 – A wild game that saw little scoring in the first half, followed by the two offenses going crazy for a total of 37 points in the final quarter. The game also had a number of big plays, including Panthers QB Jake Delhomme hitting Muhsin Muhammad for an 85-yard touchdown. Ever cool, Tom Brady led the Pats though on a drive that would again set up Adam Vinatieri with a 41-yard game winner with 4 seconds left.

8. Super Bowl XLV 2011 Green Bay Packers 31 Pittsburgh Steelers 25 – Two of the great franchises in NFL history did battle in Dallas, and the game lived up to the hype, as the Pack won their 4th NFL title with a great offensive show from Aaron Rodgers and the pass game to beat the Steelers by 6. The Steelers trailed 21-3, but rallied to make it 21-17, then a fumble to start the fourth quarter would be their undoing. They had a shot in the final minutes, but the Packers D stepped up to finish it out, and send the Steelers home without a 7th title.

7. Super Bowl XXXIV 2000 St. Louis Rams 23 Tennessee Titans 16 – The game that will forever be recalled for the late surge by the Titans that ended one-yard short with LB Mike Jones stopping Titans WR Kevin Dyson one yard short of the goal line to prevent a potential game-tying touchdown. It ended a miracle year for Kurt Warner, who was the NFL MVP, and the Super Bowl MVP, as he threw for 414 yards and 2 touchdowns in the win. The first time a game was that close on the final play.

6. Super Bowl XIX 1985 San Francisco 49ers 38 Miami Dolphins 16 – While some will wonder why this game is so high on the list, the pure greatness of two Super Bowl QB’s going at it led to some great drama in a shootout. Joe Montana outplayed Dan Marino, as both threw for over 300 yards. In addition, the two teams combined total of 851 offensive yards, at the time a Super Bowl record. Montana was great, throwing for 331 yards and three touchdowns. He also had 5 rushes for 59 yards and 1 rushing TD.

5. Super Bowl XIII 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers 35 Dallas Cowboys 31 – A rematch of Super Bowl X, and an offensive battle that was showcased by 66 points and Terry Bradshaw going wild for 318 yards and 4 touchdowns. His 318 passing yards and 4 passing touchdowns broke Super Bowl records at the time, and he was the MVP. The game showcased a number of Hall of Famers, and two great QB’s in Bradshaw and Roger Staubach doing battle for the second time in the big game.

4. Super Bowl XXIII 1989 San Francisco 49ers 20 Cincinnati Bengals 16 – The final game of Bill Walsh’s coaching career, and it saw a historic outing for MVP Jerry Rice, who actually gave way to John Taylor for the 10-yard TD catch in the last 30 seconds to win the game. It was a vintage Joe Montana drive, and the Niners were at their best in the final two minutes in a game where they were mostly outplayed by the Bengals. Sam Wyche basically carrying Walsh off the field is still a great scene in NFL history.

3. Super Bowl XLII 2008 New York Giants 17 New England Patriots 14 – We can only hope to see the same type of game this weekend, as four years ago these teams played a classic highlighted by some huge plays late by Eli Manning and David Tyree. The Pats had no answer for the Giants pass rush, and Tom Brady couldn’t find a lot of time to throw the ball. The final two minutes were two of the best in NFL history, with Manning making the escape of a lifetime to throw the ball up for Tyree. The Pats could only watch as their undefeated season came to an end.

2. Super Bowl XLIII 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Arizona Cardinals 23 – Who would have thought the year after the Giants-Pats classic that the Super Bowl the next year would be even better. The Steelers used an amazing drive by Ben Roethlisberger using WR Santonio Holmes as the main target got the Steelers in position to pull off the win. The play, with 35 seconds left, saw Roethlisberger throw a great pass over the hands of a few Cardinals DB’s, and into Holmes’ hands right before he was knocked out of bounds. It was expected to be a snoozer, and turned into a classic.

1. Super Bowl XXV 1991 New York Giants 20 Buffalo Bills 19 – There’s been a few decided by 3, but never had a Super Bowl been decided by a point, and this one topped them all. The Giants played a perfect game, running the ball all night with Otis Anderson, and the Bills fast paced offense couldn’t get on the field. In the end, Thurman Thomas had a great day, but it came down to the foot of Scott Norwood. With a shot to be the hero, Norwood pushed the field goal wide, and the Giants with Bill Parcells won their second Super Bowl with the greatest game in Super Bowl history.

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