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Top 10 Quarterback Troubles?


So often we are use to seeing the top pick of the NFL Draft being a quarterback. In fact, five of the last six years, a quarterback was the first overall pick. In those six years, at least one quarterback was taken in the top ten. This year, things could be a little different. A lot of teams in the top ten in this year’s NFL Draft are addressing quarterback problems through free agency and trades. Which could be bad news to Geno Smith and Matt Barkley causing them to drop. Lets break it down.

The Kansas City Chiefs hold the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. The Chiefs are not expected to take a quarterback with the first pick. The consensus pick for the Chiefs seems to be Texas A&M’s offensive tackle, Luke Joeckel. New head coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs traded for Alex Smith [2005 first overall pick (49ers)], who led the 49ers to the NFC Championship in 2011. Smith looks to be the team’s starting quarterback moving forward.

The Jacksonville Jaguars hold the second overall pick in the draft. In 2011, the Jaguars used the tenth overall pick to select Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert has not been the answer they were hoping for at quarterback like they had hoped. Which is why the team signed quarterback Chad Henne last season to take over for Gabbert. Neither quarterback is guaranteed the starting position next year and seems to be one of the only places a quarterback can go in the top ten. However, the consensus pick here is Oregon’s defensive end, Dion Jordan. Shaun King of NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk strongly feels Geno Smith could go here, but there is no promise.

The Oakland Raiders are next at number three. The Raiders have been in the headlines (especially on NFL Gridiron Gab) for the past several days because of their quarterback situation. The team looks to be parting ways with Carson Palmer after a short tenure with the team, but the team has another plan. They are finalizing a trade with the Seattle Seahawks to make back up quarterback Matt Flynn a Raider. If you remember Fynn’s story back in Seattle, you will recall that he lost the starting quarterback competition to rookie Russell Wilson. Will the Raiders draft a quarterback and do the same thing the Seahawks did last year to Flynn? Maybe, but the consensus pick here is Florida’s defensive tackle, Sharrif  Floyd. That makes sense seeing how the team released defensive tackle Tommy Kelly last week from the team and they are trying to build on to that 18th ranked defense they have.

Picks four, five, and six are the Eagles, Lions, and Browns. Those three teams are highly unlikely to take a quarterback in the first round. Leaving the Arizona Cardinals at seven. The Cardinals released Kevin Kolb early in March. Many say this is where Geno Smith may go. However, depending how fast the Raiders make a decision on Carson Palmer, he could become a Cardinal. As the Raiders may trade away or release Palmer, and he may just fall into the Cardinals’ lap. Taking away a possible spot here for one of the prospect quarterbacks.

Prior to today, many were strongly believing that the Buffalo Bills would take a quarterback with the eighth pick. However, the team signed former Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb today. Giving quarterbacks Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson a competition for the starting job. Will the team still have interest in drafting another quarterback to add to this competition? That remains to be seen, but this is another team that found a quarterback already before the draft.

The Jets are not expected to pick a quarterback at nine. Leaving the tenth and final team in the top ten. The Tennessee Titans. In 2011, the Titans drafted quarterback Jake Locker with the eighth overall pick. Locker has yet to become one of his own and lock down the starting job. So the team signed Ryan Fitzpatrick who was released by the Bills on March 12th. Making Locker and Fitzpatrick battle it out for the starting job.  I do not see the Titans adding another quarterback here.

How does this affect the whole draft? Ironically it seems that these quarterbacks are playing musical chairs. Kolb-Bills, Palmer-Cardinals (maybe), Flynn-Raiders, Fitzpatrick-Titans. They almost seem to be going in circles, and it will affect the whole draft. Because of this, you may see some of these teams trading down from the top ten, leaving big talent for other teams to snag. One or two of these teams may trade down into the teens or twenties and then draft a quarterback. We have seen that strategy done in the past.

With this quarterback mess, it is hard to say who will be going where, making this year’s draft a bit more puzzling than in years past. I still believe the Bills, Cardinals, and possibly the Jaguars walking away with a quarterback somewhere in this draft. Tell me what you think. Leave a comment below!

Brandon Sweeney is Co-Editor of the Sports Gab Network. Sweeney became interested in writing in 2010 and slowly started his climb to success. You can follow Sweeney on Twitter ; on Facebook ; on Sulia and on Google+



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  2. jerry

    April 1, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    i say the raiders cut palmer and az. will try for him but i think az.will go after geno smith if he’s there if not i would not be surprised if they got barkley.and the jags i dont believe go after a qb. the raiders should and it dont matter if they get flynn or not.and the bills will draft a qb but not untill round 2 if nessim (i’m sure i ruined his name sorry) is still there and i dont know if the jets are aware of this but they need a qb in the worst way but wont go after any of em.

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