Top 10 NFL Most Overrated Players

There’s always a running controversy in the NFL over what players may be just a tad bit overrated, and get more exposure than they should.

Today we explore who we think RIGHT NOW are the “Top 10 NFL Most Overrated Players.” Feel free to leave a comment on if you think we got this list right or who we should drop or add.

10. Ed Reed Safety Baltimore Ravens

Sure Reed is a Hall of Famer, but right now he’s not the same player he was even 3-4 years ago. Instead, Reed is an aging safety that has had issues trying to stay on the field. Then he pulled a Bret Favre with the whole “should I retire or not” saga that put off many fans.

Make no mistake, Reed can still make plays giving the chance now and then, but he’s not the player he was, and teams that go right at him can have success.

9. Jay Cutler Quarterback Chicago Bears

Gets a ton of press, but look at the numbers and the body of work, and you can see why Cutler is on this list. He’s not a dominant QB in the league, and with the Bears in 2012 put up just over 200 yards a game passing, not huge numbers.

Sure Cutler is 27-13 as a starter over the last three seasons, but when is the last time this guy made a huge play to put his team over the top or into the post season? I thought so.

8. Mark Sanchez Quarterback New York Jets

If Sanchez was playing in a market that wasn’t New York, he would never get the time of day on the major networks like he does now.

Another average at best QB trying to pull off being one of the best in the biz. Wait till this summer when he gets competition. Just remember last season he got pulled, and trust us, it will happen again in the 2013 season.

7. Troy Polamalu Safety Pittsburgh Steelers

Kind of in the mold of Reed, Polamalu’s last few seasons have been undone by injury, plus his reckless play and the way he flies around the field almost make him an injury waiting to happen.

The Steelers are a different team when he’s out there and near 100 percent. Issue is, he hasn’t been like that in ages, and it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.

6. Antonio Gates Tight End San Diego Chargers

The 32-year-old is a great NFL story, being a basketball player at Kent State before taking over and dominating the TE position for awhile in the NFL. Now though, Gates is aging, and has missed a lot of time as of late, which is why he made this list.

When teams play the Chargers, they need not put two guys on Gates anymore, as was shown last year with just 49 catches for 538 yards. The lowest of his career since his rookie season in 2003.

5. Tony Romo Quarterback Dallas Cowboys

Our third and for sure not last QB on the list is the leader of “America’s Team” – the Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones has been patient with Romo, but after years of postseason failure, one has to wonder how long Romo is going to hang on to the job in Big D.

This is a critical season for Romo, who last year threw 28 TD’s with 19 picks. He wants Joe Flacco type cash, but it would be flat out a mistake to give it to him at this point.

4. Josh Cribbs Wide Receiver Cleveland Browns

Some may wonder about this one, but it’s more that Cribbs is baiscally a hero to Browns fans who are starving for anything good. Fans have grown weary though of watching Cribbs get just short returns on kicks, and barley gets on the field to try and make plays on offense.

Cribbs is always one to come out and talk about his situation, but right now, he’s a free agent, and it will be slim pickins for his on the market.

3. B.J. Raji Nose Tackle Green Bay Packers

While he still fills the middle with his size, Raji wasn’t the same force on defense this last season as he has been in the past. The Pack need him back to form, as with him playing well, he’s someone the Packers can count on to fill a big hole.

The 2009 first round pick missed three games this season, and you can see the vast difference between the Pack with Raji and what a difference it makes when he’s not in the game.

2. Darnell Dockett Defensive End Arizona Cardinals

Dockett does more talking on his Twitter account then he does making big plays anymore for the Cards, which is why he falls on our list today.

Dockett made the move from DT to DE when the Cards went to a 3-4, and while he has made plays in his career, he’s a prime candidate for this list and putting out a lot more bark than bite.

1. Tim Tebow Quarterback New York Jets

When SportsCenter leads with what Tebow has been up to, you can tell it’s a slow news day with his face all over the place. No single person seems to get as much exposure as Tebow, and anytime he touches the ball, it is treated as news.

Tebow wants to get out of NYC and be a starter, but based on the wasted year in NY, it’s going to be tough to throw out some magic and turn it around n a hurry.

This offseason Tebow needs to work harder than ever, and hope that the Jets decide to give him up to a team that is ready to win now.

It’s all a long shot, but Tebow has the tools to be a true NFL QB. Now we shall see if the football gods will allow i to happen with him either in Goodyear or elsewhere.

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