Three Teams in the AFC That Could Surprise in 2019

The American Football Conference has by in large the best team in the league year after year, as it seems like whenever it comes to talking about the best, you’re always talking about the New England Patriots.

In 2018 the Patriots once again overcame the odds, as if you used a BetAmerica promo code and put cash on the Pats you made some money, as they went all the way to the dance and defeated the Los Angeles Rams in a Super Bowl that some called a snoozer by a final of 13-3.

The Pats are the favorites again to win the conference in 2019, and while they will be pushed by the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that took them to overtime of the AFC Title Game in Arrowhead Stadium, it’s hard to ever bet against Tom Brady.

While the Pats and Chiefs should be at the top, there’s some room for some teams that could surprise in the AFC in 2019.

Today we take a look at three that could surprise, three that might just make life tough for other teams they play this upcoming season.

1. New York Jets (2018 Record 4-12)

A new coach, new GM, and hopefully new attitude for the Jets, who won just four games a season ago.

The team should get better play from second-year QB Sam Darnold, and with the pickup of running back Le’Veon Bell and a couple studs on defense, the Jets might be a team that could win 8-9 games if the ball bounces right.

This is a team that needs to get off to a quick start, and also has to buy into what Adam Gase is selling, which isn’t easy based on how things went in Miami a season ago.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars (2018 Record 5-11)

This team is just a season removed from taking the Patriots the distance on the road in the 2017 AFC Title Game.

Things have changed, the biggest of which is they have a new stud QB in Nick Foles, who they gave a ton of money too in order to come over from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Running the football and playing good defense are two things this team got away from in 2018, look for them to get back to it this season.

3. Tennessee Titans (2018 Record 9-7)

This is a good team that no one seems to want to talk about, this despite winning nine games last season after getting to the second round of the playoffs two years ago.

QB Marcus Mariota has put on some weight to try and stay healthy, and the defense has some of the best playmakers that again no one wants to chat about.

A quick start could set up for what could be the best division in the NFL, as with the Colts, Titans, Texans and Jags, all four teams could have winning records by the time it’s over.

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