The Steelers Will NOT Bring Back James Harrison


Jason Worilds is a 25 year old, three year veteran at outside linebacker out of Virginia Tech. In the picture above, you will see Jason Worilds making a sack on a Virginia Tech alumni quarterback, Michael Vick in week five of the 2012 regular season when the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in a 16-14 nail biter. Worilds started 25-of-41 games for Virginia Tech. He recorded 133 tackles (64 solo & 34.5 for a loss), 75 quarterback pressures, 5 forced fumbles, and 15.5 sacks. Why am I breaking down Worilds’ college stats? This will be his rookie season as the full-time starting right outside linebacker, and I will refer back to these later. He will be taking over James Harrison’s job. In Worilds’ short career with the Steelers, he has racked up 10 sacks and 62 total tackles. Worilds has spent three seasons learning the Steelers’ way to play defense and backing up All-Pros James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley. It is now Worilds’ chance to make a legacy in a Steelers uniform.


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5 Comments on "The Steelers Will NOT Bring Back James Harrison"

  1. mike and dick would be fools not to bring harrison back!!first of all as we all know chris carteris not performing, and jarvis jones is not ready to be an intimadating and a player whos gonna plug the whole on the run and give a pass rush at this time!!harison knows dicks 3-4 d very well better than most, and he can plug the outside against the run and be a great pass rusher, now that weve lost the best pass rusher we had in aaron smith!!also i think we all know harrison is still by far themost intimidating and most feared linebacker in football still today!!!hes been the heart of that defense for what 8 yyrs!! and look at him now hes in the best shape hes been in in a few yrs!!he more than deserves to come back home and lead and help teach jarvis the way to be the best!!! we need depth at ol as we all know about our injuries in the past, and last but not least he deserves to retire a steeler!!! we brought back keisel on the line which was a very smart thing to do at this point, you cant release new draft picks and rookies on a defense thats built from veteran leadership all along!!!!it wont work!!!until those guys start performing at dicks level which will take awile thats just common sense we also already have injuries at linebacker spots which means we cannot afford to rely on just rookie abilities if we are gonna make it back to the superbowl where we belong!!!if you havnt seen either of the first 2 scrimmages we are not containing the run or any producing much of any pass rush right now, that has to change and with veteran leadership helping that happen it will!!!! i cant believe they havnt already resigned him after they signed brett!!!!its an obvious common sense decision and dicks weanted him back every since he left!!!!!hes already turned 2 other offers this year to come back!!! mike and dick need to call him very soon!!!

  2. james is still by far the best linebacker in football!!!!!!!and hes definitele the best that we have on our team now other than timmons and maybe worilds and shazier down the road!!!hes by far the best hes already proved it!!!who is better in the nfl? other than maybe keichly on the panthers!!! noone has compared to him since greg lloyd and porter!!!! and he looks like a walkin talkin brick wall now!!!!!!! they need to get him back very soon!!!!!!! thats just common sense to the team and organization at this point!!!

  3. but i think its obvious he will be back hes already been talkin to ike and a few other players, its almost aguarantee especially now!!! its just a matter of time theres been too much talk about it trust me i would have to say 80-90 percent says hell be back very soon especially when dick wants hiom back!!!and he does that was already made real clear a few months ago!!! hes coming back very soon!!! you can pretty much bet on it as they broght brett back theyll do the same for james cause its thee right and logical thing to do to continue our dynasty!!!!!!!!!!!thats why were the best team in nfl period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. and if you seen the last 2 out of 3 games we allowed the most rushing yards ever allowed against us!!!!you know why cause there is no veteran leadership on a younger dline!!!!! there was no keisel or harisson blocking the run holes!!!! thats why but you will see when brett plays and they resign james which will happen soon not to mention the injuries already you will see a better line until these young guys like mclendon and thomas and heyward get much better!!!!we need to get back to playoffs and superbowl where this team belongs!!!but we cant do that with new draft picks on the dline in the first year!!!we will be much better with both brett and james back right now thats a guarantee!!!!!!!! watch and see!!!!

  5. we havnt allowed more than an average of 75-85 rushing yds against us in 10-12 yrs!!!!!!!!!!except in very few games which we were all banged uyp with alot of injuries like last year!!!!!!!that will stop when they make trhese 2 adjustments!!! we need to start workin on a new pass rush with aaron gone and woodley out!! and that will happen with james and worilds and shazier in due time!!!!!!!!!!

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