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The Sometimes Late but Always Consistent NFL Power Poll: Week Seven

By Bryan Dietzler

The top of this week’s poll has been shaken up at a bit, thanks to some of the top teams ending up with a loss. The Falcons are struggling, and the Green Bay Packers may start to drop fast thanks to the injury suffered by Aaron Rodgers. This means that any team in the NFC North could make their way up the poll and overtake the Packer and Falcons.

But don’t count Green Bay out just yet.

Some of the teams at the bottom of the poll are looking better. The New York Giants finally got a win, and that will move them up. The Bears and the Chargers got their second win of a season, and that makes them come up in the poll a bit. Now, there are just two winless teams in the NFL. Will they get a win before the end of the season? Hopefully so.

The power poll keeps changing so be sure to keep track of it. If you want to see past Power Polls, please go to NFL Gridiron Gab to see them for the past six weeks.

So, without any further delay, here is my Week Six NFL Power Poll for the seventh week of this football season.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles-(LW 4, 5-1) The Eagles beat a tough Panthers team and take their place near the top of this poll. They rival the Chiefs for the honor of being the best team in the NFL through seven weeks this season.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs-(LW 1, 5-1) The Chief’s defense got exposed against the run on Sunday. Is that the formula to beat them?
  3. New England Patriots-(LW 5, 4-2) Sheer talent, or lack thereof, on teams up here move these guys up a bit. Almost losing to the Jets hurts though.
  4. Atlanta Falcons-(LW 2, 3-2) Apparently the bye week didn’t help the Falcons at all as they came out and lost to the Miami Dolphins. And now the Eagles have knocked them from the top of the NFC. Can they recover?
  5. Green Bay Packers-(LW 3, 4-2) Ouch. Losing Rodgers is going to hurt big time but don’t count them out just yet. Let’s see what Brett Hundley or whomever they get to be their quarterback can do.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers-(LW 9, 4-2) Someone put a boot in the Steeler’s butts because they got it together and beat the only undefeated team in the NFL Sunday. Their running game looked solid but there is still some work to do. It’s hard moving them up three spots this week but they get the move up.
  7. Houston Texans-(LW 14, 3-3) There is a lot of talent on this team and it’s enough to move them up seven spots. Could they be one of the AFC’s top teams? They have the talent to be one.
  8. Carolina Panthers-(LW 6, 4-2) The Panthers were beaten by a very good Eagles team. Will they bounce back against the Bears and get back into the race for the top spot in the NFC?
  9. Denver Broncos-(LW 7, 3-2) Getting beat by the second-worst team in the NFL won’t do you any favors. They ended a lot of good survivor pool runs this Sunday.
  10. Seattle Seahawks-(LW 10, 3-2) The Seahawks were on a bye this week and did not move in this poll.
  11. Detroit Lions-(LW 8, 3-3) The Lions should have an easier time competing for the NFC North with Aaron Rodgers out of the lineup. Can they take advantage of the possibility the Packers could fall?
  12. Minnesota Vikings-(LW 18, 4-2) The Vikings could be the new kings of the North if the Packers take a tumble. They have lots of talent and a great defense.
  13. Dallas-(LW 13, 2-3) The Cowboys were on a bye this week and do not move in this poll.
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-(LW 11, 2-3) These guys are dropping fast. Perhaps they weren’t as talented as everyone thought they were.
  15. Tennessee Titans-(LW 16, 3-3) Still very talented but they need to put it all together. Their defense needs some work.
  16. Los Angeles Rams-(LW 17, 4-2) It’s time I started giving the Rams some credit. Lots of talent here and it’s finally coming together. This team is going places.
  17. Washington Redskins-(LW 13, 3-2) The Redskins are very quiet almost unnoticeable. Could they be the team to challenge the Eagles in the NFC East?
  18. Oakland Raiders-(LW 12, 2-4) The Raiders are taking a tumble. I thought they would have a promising season but it’s not looking good right now. Can they recover and climb back up towards the top of the AFC West?
  19. Arizona Cardinals-(LW 21, 3-3) Will Adrian Peterson help propel them into the playoffs? If he can keep on moving like he did Sunday, he just might.
  20. New Orleans Saints-(LW 23, 3-2) The Saints had a big win thanks to their defense on Sunday. The defense still isn’t a world beater but if they can at least make a stop or two, their offense will be able to help them win games.
  21. Baltimore Ravens-(LW 15, 3-3) The Ravens are slip sliding away. Had it not been for their special teams and defense, this team would have been beaten soundly by the Bears. The offense needs a lot of help.
  22. Buffalo Bills-(LW 22, 3-2) The Bills were on a bye this week and did not move in this poll.
  23. Miami Dolphins-(LW 25, 3-2) The Dolphins get to move up a bit thanks to their win over the Atlanta Falcons. They aren’t the real deal yet but they are winning some games. Will they win more?
  24. Cincinnati Bengals-(LW 24, 2-3) The Bengals were on by this week and do not move in this poll.
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars-(LW 20, 3-3) Still tough to put a finger on but this is one of the most talented teams in the league. With a couple more pieces they could be so much better but they can’t seem to get over the hump.
  26. New York Jets-(LW 25, 3-3) The Jets move neither up nor down. Still a huge surprise team after hanging with the Patriots on Sunday. Can they bounce back and get a win against the Dolphins this Sunday?
  27. Chicago Bears-(LW 28, 2-4) Despite having a poor passing game and special teams problems, the Bears won their game Sunday. If they had better wide receivers, this team would have another two wins easily.
  28. Los Angeles Chargers-(LW 29, 2-4) Look out folks, the Chargers are on a winning streak. Maybe their 0-4 start was a fluke? We will soon find out.
  29. Indianapolis Colts-(LW 27, 2-4) The Colts are going nowhere fast and without Andrew Luck, there isn’t much there. They need some retooling and rebuilding to get back to winning football games.
  30. New York Giants-(LW 31, 1-5) The Giants got their first win of the season. Can they keep it up and climb out of the NFL’s basement?
  31. San Francisco 49ers-(LW 30, 0-6) Will a change at quarterback get this team a win? It’s going to take a lot more than that, trust me.
  32. Cleveland Browns-(LW 32, 0-6) More quarterback issues for a team with a ton of issues. Will they ever have a winning season? Will they ever win a game?
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