The Sometimes Late but Always Consistent NFL Power Poll: Week Eight

By Bryan Dietzler

We are at the halfway point of the 2017 NFL season, and we are starting to see which teams are the top teams in the NFL. There has been some moving around at the top of my poll every week, and there may be no top favorites what have cemented a top position just yet. It seems that there is a lot of parity in the league this year and that’s fine.

That’s exactly what we are looking for.

The top team in this week’s poll is still the same as the Eagles continue to be the best team in the NFL. The bottom of the poll remains the same as well, but some teams have moved up and down in the middle of it. The middle is where all the action is at this week.

Where does your team rank?

So here you are fans. Without further delay, here is my power poll for the eighth week of the 2017 NFL season.

1. Philadelphia Eagles-(LW 1, 6-1) The Eagles continue to roll and are the best team in the NFL right now. Will they continue with their momentum and get into the playoffs?
2. New England Patriots-(LW 3, 5-2) It would appear as if New England is one of the dominant teams in the league again. Will they repeat?
3. Pittsburgh Steelers-(LW 6, 5-3) This team is so tough to figure out. They look like they are finally getting it together again, but next week they could fall apart. Can they be consistent?
4. Kansas City Chiefs-(LW 2, 5-2) What happened to the Chief’s defense? They could not keep the Raiders contained on Thursday night. Two losses in a row drops this team and makes them a contender to fall out of the top five next week with a loss.
5. Seattle Seahawks-(LW 10, 4-2) The Seahawks are finally looking good again. Can they compete with the Rams for the lead in the NFC West?
6. Minnesota Vikings-(LW 12, 5-2) The Vikings are looking like the front-runners in the NFC North with the Packers struggling. Will they hold off the Lions and take the division?
7. Houston Texans-(LW 7, 3-3) The Texans were on a bye last week and did not move in this week’s poll.
8. Green Bay Packers-(LW 5, 4-3) The Packers didn’t do that bad in their first game without Aaron Rodgers, but you can tell they miss him. How will they do next week? Will they continue to fall?
9. Atlanta Falcons-(LW 4, 3-3) This team is dropping like a rock. They really can’t get it right on offense. Last year’s MVP, Matt Ryan, doesn’t look close to what he was in 2016.
10. Carolina Panthers-(LW 8, 4-3) The formula for beating the Panthers is to contain Cam Newton, and that pretty much shuts them down. They are going to have to find other ways to win like run the football if they can.
11. Detroit Lions-(LW 11, 3-3) The Lions were on a bye last week and did not move in this week’s poll.
12. Los Angeles Rams-(LW 16, 5-2) This team is on the upswing and could be a playoff contender when the dust settles in January.
13. Dallas Cowboys-(LW 13, 3-3) The Cowboys got to .500 by beating a much weaker San Francisco team. Can they do it what they did Sunday against stiffer competition?
14. Denver Broncos-(LW 9, 3-3) What happened to the Broncos’ once-vaunted defense? They are starting to disappoint. And the offense can’t get anything going. At this rate the will miss the postseason.
15. Tennessee Titans-(LW 15, 4-3) The Titans barely beat the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. That wasn’t a strong showing for a talented team like the Titans.
16. New Orleans Saints-(LW 20, 4-2) The Saints are looking good. Their defense is coming along, and the offense is as advertised. Can they capture the NFC South?
17. Oakland Raiders-(LW 18, 3-4) The Raiders get to move up a slot after beating the Chiefs last Thursday night. This team has the talent on offense, but their defense needs some work. Can they still be a contender this season?
18. Buffalo Bills-(LW 22, 4-2) The Bills are starting to show me that they are a good team. With a couple more wins they could shoot up into the top ten in this poll.
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-(LW 14, 2-4) The Bucs lost to a pretty good Buffalo team. This team has the talent but cannot seem to get it together.
20. Miami Dolphins-(LW 23, 4-2) The Dolphins got a last-second win without having the quarterback, Jay Cutler, available. Now they will have to win with Matt Moore. Can they do that?
21. Washington Redskins-(LW 17, 3-3) The Redskins put up a good fight against the Eagles on Sunday night, but the Eagles were just too good. Can this team gain some momentum and eventually challenge the Eagles for the division? Maybe not.
22. Jacksonville-(LW 25, 4-3) The Jaguars pounded the Colts this Sunday. Knowing this team, they will lose next week. They are too difficult to predict and very inconsistent.
23. Arizona Cardinals-(LW 19, 3-4) The loss of Carson Palmer is going to hurt. This team will probably not win that many more games and will continue to drop in this poll.
24. Los Angeles Chargers-(LW 28, 3-4) After a rough start to the season, the Los Angeles Chargers are looking good. If they can keep winning, they could easily become one of this season’s success stories.
25. Chicago Bears-(LW 27, 3-4) The Bears’ defense is one of the league’s best, but their offense needs a lot of work. If they could put something together there, they will win a few more games this year.
26. Baltimore Ravens-(LW 21, 3-4) This team has gone downhill this season. The talent isn’t producing, and their stars aren’t being stars. This is a team in decline and could end up closer to the bottom before the season is done.
27. Cincinnati Bengals-(LW 24, 2-4) The Bengals ran into a tough Steelers team and that proved this team has a ways to go yet. They need to keep winning to not see wholesale changes this offseason including the possible firing of their longtime head coach Marvin Lewis. But will they win?
28. New York Jets-(LW 25, 3-4) The Jets are an improved team and their loss in the last second against the Dolphins just proves these guys need to finish off games. Their 3-4 record is a big surprise, however. With some more talent this team could be much more solid.
29. Indianapolis Colts-(LW 29, 2-5) The Colts lost a terrible game to Jacksonville. Call this a transition year for them. Hopefully, they improve and play much better next season.
30. New York Giants-(LW 30, 1-6) Yikes! What a bad loss on Sunday. This team doesn’t have a lot going for it now and has so much work to do. Their future is next year, not 2017.
31. San Francisco 49ers-(LW 31, 0-7) This team has so much work to do, it’s a wonder if they will win a game this year. But they might sneak up on someone.
32. Cleveland Browns-(LW 32, 0-7) What a dysfunctional team. Will ownership and management ever get this right? Not this year they won’t.

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