The NFL is Scrambling About What to Do Regarding the Field in Mexico City for Monday’s Chiefs-Rams Matchup

The NFL has a huge problem on its hands when it comes to two teams that are at the top of the standings getting set for a battle in Mexico City next week.

That problem is the field where the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams are set to play in the biggest game of the week is beyond bad, to the point where the powers that be and the NFL is scrambling to try and figure out what to do.

The playing surface is looking ugly, and apparently, the NFL is seriously concerned about the issue. According to NBC’s Peter King, there’s “significant worry” about the state of the unique hybrid surface, which is made up of a combination of grass and synthetic filler.

The league is actually so concerned about the field situation that a crew will be checking things out on Monday and Tuesday to decide if anything needs to be done. According to, the game could potentially be moved to Los Angeles if the playing surface in Mexico City isn’t up to NFL standards.

Things got even more interesting on Tuesday when NFL Insider Adam Schefter stated on Twitter that some Rams players are so upset about the field situation at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City that they are some are simply not going to play in the game.

So what the NFL does next about the situation is anyone’s guess. They have two teams that might end up meeting in February in the biggest game of the season, but for now, they have figure out how to not only make the two teams happy, but try and keep the peace and just get the game played.

“We are working closely with the field manager at Azteca Stadium and others to ensure that we have an NFL quality surface for our game,” the league told the Associated Press in a statement.

They had better figure out what to do – and fast.

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