The NFL is a Whole Lot Different Than it Was 100 Years Ago, Here’s a Few Ways It’s Changed

The game of football has had its shares of ups and downs, and that also goes for the National Football League, which is 2019 is celebrating its 100th season.

The league has been the biggest sport in North America for sometime, and fans can’t get enough of the action on and off the gridiron.

Using Betway NFL you can lay odds on the games each week, but there’s so much more to the game that fans love than just that.

Today we take a look at a couple of ways that the NFL has changed since it all stated, and some of the biggest impacts on the game over the last 100 years.

One massive change for the game was the implementation of the salary cap, an event that changed not only the way teams were built, but how franchises had to watch how much they paid players.

The salary cap was a very smart move by the league, as it didn’t just means the most richest owners would win year in and year out, something that has plagued Major League Baseball.

The best teams are usually the one that avoid injuries and also are smart with how they spend their money in regards to the salary cap.

Frankly every sport should have one.

Then there’s the Draft, an annual event that now in the league has become bigger and bigger, at times overshadowing even some of the biggest games.

The NFL Draft started to try to even the odds, so the most popular players couldn’t just go out and sign players.

Before 1936 the best players were part of bidding wars, driving up salaries for unproven college graduates who would hold out for the biggest offer.

Now the NFL draft has grown, as it’s over two days, it’s on national television, and it’s one of the most popular events of the year for fans all around the world.

Let’s not forget the forward pass as another reason as to how the game has changed in the past 100 years.

Years ago football played more like rugby, where a player takes the ball and sprints directly into a scrum before the two teams reset and do it again.

Then the forward pass came into play, where quarterbacks would fling the ball downfield in looking for open receivers.

It has changed the game in a huge way, and it’s made the NFL the most popular game in the world.

Consider this, in the 1932 season In the 1932 season, no quarterback threw for more than 640 yards or nine touchdowns.

It’s now not uncommon to see a very good QB throw for close to 640 yards in a single game.

For more breakthrough things that have changed the game over the last century, check out the infographic below!

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