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The New York Giants Greatest Rivalries

New York Giants are one of the best National Football League teams of all time. Throughout the 95-year history of the Giants, they have played multiple matches that are widely regarded as the best games in football history, and they continue to enjoy their status as one of the most decorated football teams in the NFL.

Football is a fascinating sport, but an on-field rivalry makes it even better. Nothing comes close to the rush we feel upon seeing our favorite competitors battle it out for football glory. While the Giants’ rivals on this list will come as no surprise to anyone, the fact remains that these rivalries have made for some of the greatest football matches in history.

Let us take a look at some of the greatest Giants rivalries of all time.

New York Jets

The New York Jets and New York Giants might belong to the same State, but it does not stop them from being sworn rivals. These are the only two teams in the NFL to share an intracity rivalry. What makes this rivalry even more curious is the fact that the Jets and Giants share the same football stadium.

The two teams have faced off against each other every year since 1969 in the preseason matches. The season regular games are a different story, where the two have not met frequently. Giants and Jets have met 14 times in the regular NFL season games, where the Giants maintain their victory with 8-6-0.

With the teams expected to meet again in the 2021 season, it is safe to assume that this sibling rivalry will not end anytime soon.

Dallas Cowboys

The rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants dates back to their iconic first match in 1960 when both teams scored 31 goals and the game ended in a tie. The competition only grew stronger in the coming decades. The Cowboys and Giants have played against each other 118 times, with the Cowboys maintaining their lead with 69-47-2.

The teams frequently play against each other, and despite the geographical divide, the rivalry is still going strong. It is one of the most interesting rivalries in the National Football League, seeing how other than New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, no other team from Texas plays in the same league division as New York.

Philadelphia Eagles

The rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants is one of the oldest and most intense competitions in National Football League history. The origins of this rivalry go back to 1933 when the Giants managed to hand the Philadelphia Eagles their biggest defeat with an aggregate of 56-0.

To date, the two teams have played 178 games against one another, and the Philadelphia Eagles maintain their series lead with a tight 89-87-2 record. With competition cutting this close, there is no doubt that each Eagles-Giants game is eagerly watched by millions every season.

The Eagles-Giants rivalry goes far beyond football since the two cities repeatedly meet each other in hockey and baseball. While things are heated in either of these sports, nothing comes close to their iconic football competition, which is regarded as one of the greatest sports rivalries of all time.

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