The Never-Ending Antonio Brown Saga Comes to an End, or Does It?

By Bryan Dietzler

If you have or have or have ever had children, you know how they can be. Sometimes they can be very spoiled, when they don’t get their way, and lash out. Sometimes they can play mind games and other times they can be angels and act none the worse for wear.

But children are allowed to be children and once you grow up, you are supposed to be an adult. At least that’s what should happen.

It would appear as if Antonio Brown has not grown up yet.

His antics are well known. First, he caused enough fuss in Pittsburgh that the team wanted to let him go. At least they got something in return. Then he found himself in Oakland causing so much trouble there they decided to let him go without any compensation. In New England, he had thought that he had found his new forever home but just a few days after getting there he was jettisoned.

Now he states that he is retiring from the league.

Brown succeeded in doing so many things during his period of childish behavior. He got out of a tense situation in Pittsburgh but landed on his feet in Oakland. You would have figured that a change of scenery would have done him some good and he might have decided to change his ways.

But that was not to be.

Instead, Brown managed to make a mockery of the Raiders. First, there was the frozen feet incident where he had frostbite on his feet from a treatment he was doing. He missed some time with that. Then he fought the NFL over the new helmet stating that he couldn’t wear the new one and preferred the old one. Grievances were filed and they were turned down.

He was going to wear that helmet, no matter what.

The helmet issues went away, kind of and Brown was soon practicing with the Raiders. But he and General Manager Mike Mayock clashed and soon fines and arguments were underway. Brown became an even bigger distraction thanks to social media. It was Brown’s use of social media that most likely did him in.

Brown was cut by the Raiders and there was thought that he might not find a team. However, the New England Patriots picked him up which is something they tend to do with wayward, off the mark players.

Had Brown found a happy forever home?

Shortly after he was signed by the Patriots, rumors began to surface of his sexually assaulting a woman and he was named in a civil lawsuit. The Patriots didn’t cut him right away, however, and allowed him to play in one game. But, on the Friday after the game, the Patriots jettisoned Brown. Brown, apparently was shocked but no one thought it much of a surprise.

His mouth and his actions, both past, and present got him in trouble once again.

Brown has stated that he is not going to play in the NFL any longer. He has gone and enrolled in school at his alma mater, Central Michigan hoping to finish his degree. Will he be a straight-A student or will he end up being the class clown?

But it’s not over between Brown and the Patriots. Brown is suing the Patriots in hopes of recovering some of the money he lost because of his antics. It’s doubtful anyone is going to rule in his favor.

Maybe sometime soon, this will all get swept under the rug and it will be over. But that time won’t come for a little while yet.

In the meantime, Brown will remain a fixture at the forefront of the news until he either gets his money and or people ignore him and he goes away.

So, I am reaching out to you, the NFL consumer, and asking you to not pay attention to Brown and let him go away. I know, I know, my writing this article is about Brown and I am bringing some attention to him so call me guilty. But let’s not let this guy ruin the NFL and our enjoyment of watching the games. Let’s toss him aside, forget about him and move on.

Only after that will he see no one cares and will eventually go away.

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