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The Andrew Luck Debate: Was it a Good Move for Luck?

By Bryan Dietzler

I know that this is old news, but it’s been something that I have been wanting to put an opinion in for quite some time. Now I have the method to do it.

Back in August, former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck decided to retire sometime before their preseason game against the Chicago Bears. People were surprised at Luck’s decision. This writer, although surprised at first, thought it less of a surprise when you looked back on Luck’s history.

Luck didn’t have much “luck” staying healthy during his professional career. He was hurt often and couldn’t play as much as either he or the Colts would have liked.

His various ailments are well documented. Luck had suffered from shoulder problems, a lacerated kidney, and a lacerated abdominal muscle. His shoulder problems were the thing that hampered him. He struggled with them for a majority of the latter half of his career.

Can you imagine everything that Luck had to go through to get healthy? Imagine all the painful surgeries he had, all the rehabilitation he went through and the stress of getting back to where he was before. That has to be tough on a person, mentally and physically. You can bet it was tough on Luck even though it appeared to not bother him until the end.

After he announced his retirement, you heard the words “selfish” and “confused” come out of people’s mouths regarding the decision that he made. People felt that there was so much left for him to do that he was being selfish by not continuing with football. Some people were upset that he was leaving the game because he brought some great play and goodness.

Put yourself in Luck’s shoes for a moment. Imagine you have gone through all of the injuries, the time off and the rehab that he had been through. Imagine how much of a toll that would take on you, mentally. You can bet that even though he doesn’t show it, Luck was mentally at his end with all of the issues that he had been suffering from. You can be assured that factored in his decision to hang up his cleats and move on.

I think that the decision that Luck made was an admirable one. I think that he did the right thing for himself and his family. No one wants to put themselves in danger of being hurt or being hurt worse. That’s what Luck decided to do. He wanted to be there for his family and he couldn’t guarantee that if he continued to play in the NFL.

Luck was a damn good player, there is no doubt about that. Unfortunately, the NFL and its fans will not get to experience the goodness and great personality of Luck again. At least we don’t think we will.

He was truly one of the NFL’s good guys.

So, let Luck live out his decision in peace. He’s with his family now probably enjoying the time away from the game that he asked for. It’s noble to be able to walk away from something you love to take care of something you love more and that is greater.

Have we seen the last of Luck? Let’s see how he feels after a year away from the game. Depending on what he gets into while he’s not in the NFL, I would look for Luck to sever his ties completely and live a long and healthful life out of football.

It’s the best thing that he can do for himself and his family.

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