The Super Bowl Race For The 2018-19 Season Looks Wide Open

While the 2017 Super Bowl may only have just been won by the Philadelphia Eagles, attention has quickly turned to the 2018 edition and which teams look capable of lifting the trophy. Just as we went into the 2017 season with a wide-open look at both conferences, the 2018 season looks to be much of the same, which can only be good for the fans who watch the sport.

The first place to start is in Philadelphia, where the Eagles will return looking to add to their 2017 victory. They will start with a different quarterback than the one that led them to victory recently, with Carson Wentz returning from injury and Nick Foles looking likely to move on to a starting job elsewhere. Despite that change at quarterback, the Eagles look strong and should be able to build on what they achieved as underdogs this season.

Another team likely to be at the head of affairs is the New England Patriots – the team that lost to the Eagles in the Super Bowl. As long as Tom Brady is with the Patriots, they have a chance to lift the Lombardi Trophy; he is that good. It will be interesting to see how popular the Patriots are with the betting tips at ChampionBets; they are usually a hugely popular team with the experts. They also have one key ingredient and that is a winning mentality: they know what it takes to win, and they enjoy winning, something they should be even hungrier for after their recent defeat.

If you are looking for a dark horse to follow during the upcoming season, what about a resurgence from the Denver Broncos? The team is in desperate need of a quarterback, but have been courting Kirk Cousins for weeks now, and should he move to Denver they would have a genuine shot of being involved next season. Without Cousins, or any other big name quarterback they look sure to struggle, but should they land Cousins, they instantly become contenders for the title.

Another dark horse to look out for would be the Tennessee Titans, who were eliminated with a defeat in New England this season. They have an exciting young quarterback in Marcus Mariota, and an impressive supporting cast around him. While it may not have felt good at the time, that experience will serve them well in the future and they are building in exactly the right way. They have the money to go out and land a good receiver this summer, and should they do that to give Mariota another weapon, they would have to be fancied to go close and build on what happened last season.

While we are still recovering from the thrill of the 2017 Super Bowl, many people are now looking at the 2018 season. It looks to be wide open yet again, with many teams capable of performing well and throwing their hat into the ring, so we are sure to see yet another exciting season.

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