Super Bowl LIII: First Quarter Observations Between Patriots and Rams

* Patriots start with four successful runs to get into Rams territory, than then a bad pass by Tom Brady gets picked off at the 27-yard-line.

* Rams go three-and-out in their first two possessions, overall they had the ball just 3:13 in the first quarter.

* Patriots D-line and LB’s controlling the tempo of the quarter, as they pressured Jared Goff and the Rams run game did nothing in the quarter.

* Brady to Rob Gronkowski is money, seam route nets 17 yards and again puts the Pats in business.

* Issues kicking for Pats kicker Stephen Gostkowski continues, as he missed a 46-yard field goal ending an 11-play 60-yard drive.

* Rams have to feel good not being down after a couple solid early Patriots drives that netted nothing.

* Run game goes nowhere for the Rams, just 15 yards in the first quarter.

* Julian Edelman picking on Aquib Talib, as he had four grabs in the first quarter and it looks like it will be a matchup that Brady will go after a lot as the night moves along.

* Patriots have gone 9 Super Bowls without scoring a TD in the first quarter.

* Rams offense has got to do something to stay on the field, just one first down thus far.

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