Super Bowl Champion Ravens To Open Season On The Road

Apparently winning a Super Bowl did not earn the Ravens a lot of respect in their hometown.

Negotiations with MLB and the Orioles have fallen through and the Ravens will have to open the season on the road instead of hosting the Thursday night NFL opener.

The Orioles have a home game scheduled for 7PM that evening. While the Orioles front office reportedly offered to change their starting time, the Ravens concluded that having the two games on the same day would create logistical problems too great to overcome.

The teams play in different stadiums but share parking lots.

“The Ravens greatly appreciate the willingness of the Orioles to adjust the start of their game in an effort to make this sports spectacular happen. But, in the end, anticipated problems with parking, rush-hour traffic, plus crowd and car congestion around Oriole Park and M&T Bank Stadium, will keep the doubleheader from taking place” according to Ravens team president Dick Cass.

Downtown Baltimore will end up being a double loser if the Orioles get rained out that night.

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