Super Bowl 50 Ticket Prices Fall as Game Grows Near

With Super Bowl 50 just days away, ticket prices to what has been hyped as not only “the most expensive Super Bowl ever”, but “the most expensive event ever” have cooled off significantly. This stays true to historical trends of prices declining as the game nears. The average ticket for Super Bowl 50 as of Thursday morning was $4,740, according to Rukkus data.

Last years Super Bowl 49 was the most expensive ticket in NFL history, with an average price of $4,600 a week before the game. That number shot up astronomically in the days before the game, with fans who waited until the last minute seeing an average ticket price of $11,500, with a get-in price of $7,00. Those numbers shouldn’t be compared to Super Bowl 50 or any previous Super Bowl, as Super Bowl 49 data became extremely skewed when ticket brokers got caught in a short squeeze. This short squeeze was a situation created when brokers listed and sold speculative tickets for one price, assuming they’d be able to get their inventory at a price far lower.

Once the Super Bowl 50 matchup of the Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers was determined following the conference championship games, there was a large spike in ticket prices. The Friday before the NFC and AFC Championship saw an average ticket price of $6,414. By Monday morning that number shot up to $7,693, a record for two weeks out from the game. By the end of the week the average price fell to $5,496, and has since continued to decline.

With only 1.4% of Super Bowl tickets made directly available to the public via lottery, expensive tickets are something fans have become familiar with, but this years high prices could be due the games location. Levi’s Stadium is located 45 miles outside of San Francisco in Santa Clara, CA. Santa Clara County boasts the nations highest median household income of $93,500. More than 25% of Super Bowl 50 tickets have been sold to California residents, with only 10% sold to buyers in North Carolina, and 9% to those in Colorado.

Out of town visitors hoping to score last minute tickets to Super Bowl 50 are far better off than they were a year ago. Rukkus expects the cheapest ticket prices to be found on Saturday and in the hours leading up to kickoff on Sunday.

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  1. Watch it on TV, you see more and could have catering for 20 people at that price!!

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