Steelers OLB Harrison Willing To Restructure Deal To Stay In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Steelers OLB James Harrison can smell the tea leaves, and knows that if he’s going to be back with the Steelers in 2013, he will almost for sure have to take a pay cut.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says that Harrison, who missed time at the start of 2012 with a knee injury, is open to the idea to restructure his contract in order to return.

“Change is part of the game, and no one can play this game forever,” said Harrison. “I‘ll wait for OTAs to roll back around and get out there, and whoever we‘ve got, I‘ll hit the ground running. I believe I‘ll be back. I‘ll have time to do the proper therapy treatment that I‘ll need and rehab my knee. I won‘t be out there trying to get it good enough so I can play the next week.”

Harrison, who has two years remaining on his contract and is scheduled to make $6.57 million next season. His contract will count $10 million against the team’s salary cap, so there’s a good chance that he’s approached about restructuring his deal to free up some much needed cash.

Harrison was one of the most dominant players in the league, but he has been dealing with a number of injuries in recent years. If Harrison is willing to take a pay cut and differ money, then it seems likely that he could be back with the team.

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  1. Special special player! Incredible talent. How awesome that he’d take less to be a Steeler!? Never forget that interception return in the SB

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