Report States Josh Rosen is Ready to Assume the #1 QB Spot for the Dolphins

Josh Rosen “might be the Dolphins QB1” when the team returns to practice on Monday according to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

Rosen shined during Saturday’s intra-squad scrimmage, making what Beasley deemed as “remarkable throws,” while Ryan Fitzpatrick fared poorly, committing two interceptions while nearly throwing a third on an errant pass he forced into double coverage.

The veteran had been leading the quarterback competition all season but Beasley believes Saturday may have changed head coach Brian Flores’ mind. “Better footwork, better mechanics in the pocket, better decision-making” said Flores.

And Miami’s longterm future will likely be brighter as soon as Flores changes his mind.

The rookie head coach has claimed all spring and summer that the starting quarterback decision will be made strictly on merit but little would be accomplished by starting Fitzmagic on a rebuilding team expected to miss the playoffs regardless of who is under center.

The Dolphins have to thoroughly evaluate Rosen, the No.10-overall pick in last year’s draft, before the stacked QB draft coming up in 2020-and the only real way to do so is to start the 22-year-oldRosen all season. The QB imploded in 13 starts as a rookie last season in Arizona but was set up to fail with little surrounding talent and a terrible coaching staff.

The change of scenery from Arizona to Miami seems to have done him some good.

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