Report Says WR Jennings Had $8 Mil A Year Offer On Table From Packers

A report out states that now Vikings WR Greg Jennings had an offer averaging about $8 million from the Packers before he took a five-year contract from Minnesota that averaged about $9 million a year.

The wide out wound up getting a deal with a $10 million signing bonus and guarantees worth $18 million. According to an NFL source, the Patriots offered Jennings a deal averaging $6 million but didn’t get very far.

In 2012, when Jennings was near the peak of his powers, a source said talks on a multiyear extension ended when he turned down $11 million per year from the Packers, which was far less than the $15 million that he told the team he was seeking.

Then Jennings suffered the second concussion of his career in training camp and sat out 2½ weeks. Returning for the opener, he suffered an abdominal injury, aggravated it in Game 4 and sat out four games before undergoing surgery Nov. 1.

Jennings returned in Game 12 and finished the season, but by then he was labeled as an injury risk for having missed 11 of the previous 22 games.

The Packers could have all but guaranteed Jennings’ return by applying the one-year franchise tag worth $10.537 million.

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