REPORT: Eagles Offered Kevin Sumlin Head Coaching Job

Billy Liucci of has reported that the Philadelphia Eagles offered Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin the head coaching position with Philadelphia. He is also saying that the Auburn Tigers made Sumlin a head coaching offer. Sumlin has coached in the college ranks since 1988, with no NFL experience. His pay was elevated this off-season, perhaps as a safety measure to keep him with the team.

I’m not quite as convinced of Sumlin’s coaching ability for the NFL as I am convince of that of a few others. Sumlin has had two consecutive remarkable years, with one good (Case Keenum) and one great (Heisman-winner Johnny Manziel) college quarterbacks. With multiple other SEC teams ascending – including LSU, South Carolina and even Kentucky – and with offensive coordinator Kliff Kinsbury exiting to coach Texas Tech, 2013 will be a phenomenal test for Sumlin. If the Aggies again contend in the SEC, the NFL will again pursue him.

I believe NFL teams should give the strongest looks to Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops, Kingsbury and Stanford’s David Shaw if they want to bring a jolt of energy to their team, though Sumlin can’t be far behind them.

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