REPORT: Denver Broncos to Add Wes Welker

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has caught wind of a game-changer: The Denver Broncos are in serious discussions with WR Wes Welker. This would be the teaming of the only NFL QB to ever win the MVP four times, with the only wide receiver with 100 receptions in five different seasons.

For the New England Patriots, I don’t think this is a huge loss, so long as they get Danny Amendola or Julian Edelman. The Patriot offense has to diversify because it keeps struggling in the postseason. It can still be the up-tempo, move-the-chains offense but it needs to get speed on the outside, particularly in the event Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski is injured again.

Welker is more quick than fast. I still would like to see one field-stretching deep threat added, even if the Broncos would have to get creative to ever connect on a long pass.

This looks like it’s going to happen, and also go down as one of the biggest free agent signings of the off-season. Welker has 8580 career receiving yards, 38 TDs, five consecutive Pro Bowls and has led the Patriots in receptions each year as they’ve been the top-scoring offense with regularity. For the 2012 season, they had a gap of 76 points between their total (557) and the next-best team (481, Broncos).

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