REPORT: Bruce Arians Is the Next Cardinals Head Coach

Big Red has done well in landing a formidable head coach after the other seven equal positions across the NFL were filled. NFL Network’s Jay Glazer reports that the Arizona Cardinals have offered Bruce Arians the head coaching job and that he is expected to accept.

This is the second consecutive time the Cardinals have hired a former Steelers offensive coordinator to be their head coach. Ken Whisenhunt, who was offensive coordinator for the Steelers, was fired by the Cardinals and hired as offensive coordinator by the San Diego Chargers a smidge earlier today.

Bruce Arians deservedly is garnering major support for Coach of the Year, after filling in for cancer-battling Chuck Pagano with the Indianapolis Colts, where Arians was offensive coordinator.

The Colts were 18th in scoring this year. The Steelers’ last three seasons with Arians saw them rank 12th, 12th, and 21st in scoring. Arians, age 60, was not allowed by doctors to coach the road Wild Card defeat to the Baltimore Ravens, due to what ended up being an inner ear infection.

Today, Arians explained that he felt his Steelers offense was different than Whisenhunt’s: “Coach (Bill) Cowher had five or six offensive coordinators, and that (play) book had got big because he wasn’t going to learn any new terminology. When Kenny and the guys came out here, Ben and I got together and we rewrote the playbook and put it back into Cleveland terms, which I learned from Tom Moore, who forgot more football than I know. I thought it was the simplest way to teach young wide receivers and quarterbacks pictures of how to line up. When a quarterback calls a play, he’s got to see a picture. To help him rewrite that, with Ben, rename some patterns to where they made sense to him. I think that’s the quarterback-coach trust relationship that has to be developed. As a head coach or an offensive coordinator, you’re tied to that guy. Your future is him.

I like new ideas. Randy Fichtner came in from the University of Memphis and he had all these college screens. I just couldn’t wait to put all that stuff in. So we veered off into a different direction. Similar in some (ways). There are still core values that are the same. Some things are called the same, but other things are totally different.”

No word yet on if prolific defensive coordinator Ray Horton will stay with the team.

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