Redskins Thinking About Court Action Over Salary Cap Penalty

Redskins officials have told people in the league that they are considering going to court to seek an injunction that would hold up the start of free agency or threatening that move in a bid to bolster their negotiating leverage with the league, Mark Maske and Mike Jones of the Washington Post report. Those conversations were confirmed by two people with knowledge of them.

Both said that the Redskins have compelling arguments they could make in an attempt to convince a judge that they would suffer irreparable harm if they are not granted an injunction. But others familiar with the case have said they don’t believe the

Redskins have legal arguments that weren’t already considered, and rejected, by an arbitrator.

The Redskins have put contract negotiations with some of their players on hold, telling agents and players they remain hopeful they can recoup some of the salary cap space that was cut by the NFL last year, according to several people familiar with the situation.

Redskins officials have told those agents and players that they cannot negotiate in earnest until the salary cap matter is resolved. The players include some eligible for free agency in March and others who face the possibility of release unless their contracts are reworked, those people said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because the team does not want such issues discussed publicly.

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