Redskins QB Griffin Says He Won’t Put Career At Risk To Return Early

Shortly after he tweeted the link Tuesday to a new Adidas commercial that ends with his intention to return by Week 1 of the 2013 NFL season, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III added a note of caution. The quarterback said that he will not put his career at risk just to be on the field for Week 1.

In the ad, Griffin stares into the camera and, in a voice-over, says, “Blow up last season. Every win. Every loss. Every headline. Blow it all up. Because all that matters is what you do next.”

The words “all in for week 1″ appear shortly after images of Griffin working out.

Shortly after Griffin tweeted the link to the Adidas ad, Twitter erupted in a flurry as followers wondered why the sports apparel company would push for Griffin to make such a speedy recovery when there are significant risks involved.

Responding to those questions, Griffin tweeted out two more messages:

“Feel like I need to say this… Although my goal is to start Week 1, that doesn’t mean I will compromise my career to do so,” the first tweet read.

Griffin followed up with, “Starting Week 1 will be the result of healing, hard work, dedication & God’s anointing. No rush, just determination.”

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