Ravens CB Corey Williams Calls The Niners “Pretenders, Fake Tough Guys”

Now that the Super Bowl is over, it sounds like the gloves are off when it comes to making complements among the Ravens and 49ers.

Ravens cornerback Cary Williams wasn’t shy in his opinions about the Niners, and had a brawl with Bruce Miller during the eventual 34-31 Ravens victory to take home the Lombardi.

“To me, I feel like the 49ers are pretenders,” Williams said. “They’re fake tough guys. You got to play football. We do it physical and we do it between the whistles. They were diving on piles, shoving people from behind. They can try to pretend they’re physical, but we really are.”

It got chippy in the second quarter with a series of fights breaking out and offsetting personal fouls given to cornerback Corey Graham and 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley.

Williams lost his temper, repeatedly giving the business to Miller with a flurry of punches. Williams shoved an official, who was trying to restrain him, away in an effort to get more shots in on Miller.

Williams was fortunate to not be ejected.

“I didn’t know it was a ref,” Williams said. “It was just a reaction. It was a scrum. I feel bad about the situation. It was just a reaction. That’s not the way to act. I just wanted to protect my teammates.”

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