Police Still Looking To Talk To Titans WR Britt About Stabbing Incident

It is starting to sound more and more like things are not going to turn out good for Titans WR Kenny Britt.

A spokesman for Britt says the receiver “has made himself available to cooperate” with police in the investigation of a stabbing incident involving an acquaintance but a spokesman for the Jersey City police disagrees.

“At this point he is still not cooperating with police,” Capt. Edgar Martinez said Monday, via The Tennessean. “So whatever statement he puts out is false. We are asking anyone who has info of his whereabouts to contact us and that includes the owner of the Titans.”

Early Sunday, Britt drove a man with non-life-threatening stab wounds to his back to the Jersey City Medical Center. Police at first believed the injured man was Britt’s brother, though they later confirmed the man as a close personal friend of Britt.

In a statement released to The Jersey Journal, Britt’s spokesman said Britt was leaving a dinner cooked by his friends’ parents when he found his friend injured outside.

An NFL spokesman told The Tennessean on Monday they will look into Britt’s latest incident.

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