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Playoff-Clinching Scenarios for the Upcoming Week 16 in the NFL

With week 16 upon us there’s just two weeks left in the regular season, and there’s still plenty of questions about the teams that are going to represent the AFC and NFC in the ‘second season’ otherwise known as the playoffs.

Here’s the full way certain teams can get into the playoffs in week 16, as well as some get homefield in their conferences.


CLINCHED: Pittsburgh — AFC North; New England — AFC East; Jacksonville — playoff berth

New England Patriots

New England clinches homefield advantage throughout AFC playoffs:

1) NE win + PIT loss + JAX loss or tie

New England clinches a first-round bye:

1) NE win + PIT loss

2) NE win + JAX loss or tie

3) NE tie + JAX loss

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh clinches a first-round bye:

1) PIT win + JAX loss or tie

2) PIT tie + JAX loss

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville clinches AFC South:

1) JAX win or tie

2) TEN loss or tie

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City clinches AFC West:

1) KC win

2) LAC loss

3) KC tie + LAC tie

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee clinches a playoff berth:

1) TEN win + BAL loss + BUF loss


CLINCHED: Philadelphia — NFC East and first-round bye; Minnesota — NFC North

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia clinches homefield advantage throughout NFC playoffs:

1) PHI win

2) MIN loss

3) PHI tie + MIN tie

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota clinches a first-round bye:

1) MIN win + CAR loss or tie

2) MIN tie + CAR loss + NO loss or tie + LAR loss or tie

Los Angeles Rams

Rams clinch NFC West:

1) LAR win or tie

2) SEA loss or tie

Rams clinch a playoff berth:

1) DET loss or tie + CAR loss + ATL loss

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans clinches NFC South:

1) NO win + CAR loss

New Orleans clinches a playoff berth:

1) NO win or tie

2) DAL-SEA tie

Carolina Panthers

Carolina clinches a playoff berth:

1) CAR win or tie

2) DAL-SEA tie

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta clinches a playoff berth:

1) ATL win

2) ATL tie + DAL-SEA tie + DET loss or tie

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. James Kurtz

    December 21, 2017 at 11:02 am

    I’m a Lions fan period. I was sad when Barry Sanders left. I was happy when they drafted Stafford. In between these signifigant periods of time they have done little to make the Lions a top contender. If nothing changes they will remain a 2nd class pro football team for the next 5-10 years and nothing to blame but their ownership and coaches.

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