Penalty Calls (And Non-Calls) Have Highlighted The NFL’s Hypocrisy In 2013


Special To From Editor Al Sacco

In Week 10 of the 2013 NFL season, the New Orleans Saints beat the San Francisco 49ers 23-20. On the surface, the game’s outcome (which will ultimately have major playoff implications for the NFC) looks like a close battle that came down to the wire between two very good teams. For those who watched the events unfold though, what actually happened will tell a different story.

With 3:12 left in the game, the Saints trailed 20-17 and faced a 3rd down. As Drew Brees dropped back to pass, Ahmad Brooks came closing in. Brees, who stands about 6’0 tall, ducked in anticipation of the oncoming hit and was tackled around the shoulder and neck area by the 6’3 Brooks. Brees fumbled and the ball was recovered by the 49ers close to midfield, essentially sealing the game.

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