No Go On Tebow For The Cowboys

The dream of Tim Tebow wearing a star on his helmet for “America’s Team” has come and gone, as the Cowboys have no interest in bringing in the former Broncos and Jets QB.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones was asked during a call with season ticket holders if the team has had any interest in getting Tebow.

Jones didn’t seem interested in talking about any backup quarterbacks not named Kyle Orton.

“We feel really good about Kyle Orton,” Jones responded. “And that’s where it all starts and stops right there. He will be used differently to some degree than we’ll use [Tony] Romo. But he’s very capable of winning big games and we know how important that back-up slot is, especially if it’s temporary if you don’t have Romo.

“So we’re pretty set at quarterback and we wish Tim all the luck and all the best in the world. But we’re going forward there. What we need to look at at quarterback is what we might be doing with the third quarterback, and that remains to be seen.”

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