NFL Set to Get Back Into the Spotlight as Training Camps Close In

Now that the NBA season is officially over and the Cleveland Cavaliers have won the title, it’s time for many fans to start looking over the landscape of the NFL, as training camps open about 6-7 weeks around the country.

Last season ended with the Denver Broncos hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as champions of the league, as Peyton Manning went out on top with his second Super Bowl, but the performance of the Broncos defense is who was the real MVP of the organizations third championship.

It’s now time to look ahead, and with Manning gone, the Broncos still have major question marks about a repeat, as many think with a threesome of QB’s that are all big unknowns, the team is going to take a step back in 2016.

Right now the team is 12 to 1 to win the Super Bowl, odds that are usually high for a team that is coming off a title, but again with the QB position in flux, it seems like a long shot the team being able to repeat.

The favorites according to to win the Super Bowl right now have been pretty consistent with the teams that are usually in the mix.

The always strong New England Patriots, even with Tom Brady currently suspended for four games, are the current favorites at 15 to 2 to win another title.

Behind them are the Seattle Seahawks at 9 to 1, and then the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are 10 to 1. The NFC Champion Carolina Panthers, who last season had a tremendous season and fell short to the Broncos in the Super Bowl, are sitting at 13 to 1 to win it all.

A lot of how these odds go will depend on a couple of major factors – injuries to major players during camp, the way that some rookies develop, and how teams in tough situations with quarterabcks will fare early on.

No matter how you cut it – it’s time to start talking football again, and it’s sure to be a wild ride in the NFL in 2016!

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