NFL Gives Reasons for TV Ratings Being Down 11 Percent Through Four Weeks


Speculation about plummeting ratings for NFL games led the league to circulate an internal memo Thursday, saying the decline was a result of a variety of factors, Darren Rovell of ESPN reports.

Through the fourth week of the season, ratings across all networks are down 11 percent.

“Prime-time windows have clearly been affected the most, while declines during the Sunday afternoon window are more modest,” the NFL’s top media executives, Brian Rolapp and Howard Katz, wrote to the league’s media committee in a memo obtained by ESPN. “While our partners, like us, would have liked to see higher ratings, they remain confident in the NFL and unconcerned about a long-term issue.”

Over the last 15 years, NFL viewership overall, the memo said, has increased 27 percent amidst a prime-time viewership fall of 36 percent.

One of the factors, the executives said, was the presidential election, something that they noted was not unprecedented.

“In 2000, during the campaign between George W. Bush and Al Gore, all four NFL broadcast partners suffered year-over-year declines — Fox was down 4 percent, CBS was down 10 percent, ABC was down 7 percent and ESPN was down 11 percent,” the memo said.

The executives also said that they saw “no evidence that concern over player protests during the national anthem is having any material impact on our ratings. In fact, our own data shows that perception of the NFL and its players is actually up in 2016.”

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  1. Stop the media coverage and putting the camera
    on the anthem protestors and they will stop. It’s
    very simple……….no coverage and they will go

  2. The NFL is a joke. Power mongers that are interested in one thing and one thing only…$$$$. I served 26 years in the military before retiring and for them to allow/televise some/a bunch of snot nosed little piss ant, entitled, spoiled brat dirt bags to disrespect our nation and our military is disgusting and pathetic. It is a slap in the face to all of us Americans! The NFL “says” their ratings are down due to the political race. What a farce! They aren’t fooled for a minute and they don’t care! Everyone I talk to and know is watching less and less. Due to televising of blatant disrespect to our country, our flag and our warriors, the disgraceful conduct of the players on and off the field, the inconsistency of rules, punishments and the Ultra – God like persona that GODell and the rest of the NFL pukes have cloaked themselves in. They act as if they are above “the law” and possess limitless power. It’s absolutely mind boggling to believe that anyone would support these crooked scumbags. They are not
    Interested in bringing the sport to every man/woman, child and household. They are
    Interested in money only! If they really wanted to bring the true spirit of the sport to everyone in its purest spirit, they would
    televise All Games whenever played. Tell me they don’t have the bank to do that? If you believe that, then you are out of touch with reality. Disrespectful criminals and money and power hungry greaseballs! THAT’s your NFL these days. Not mine. I’ve said my piece. Thanks for listening. Goodell…go F@#% yourself!
    Hoo-Yah America!

  3. Because SB50 was rigged to give Peyton a send off we feel that the whole system is rigged. You use to be able to call a flag or a catch yourself now with the Refs it’s the worst thing in history. It really makes it saddening to watch. It’s pageantry. It’s a script and a play. The refs are changing the outcomes. It’s getting horrible to watch.

  4. Not sure if the NFL cares. The true test will be when Colin Kaepernick gets cut, and they stop showing other players protesting. I will not watch any NFL game that Kaepernick suits up for, no matter who they play. These guys use to be our children’s heroes.

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