NFL Draft Preview: San Francisco 49ers


Round Pick(s) Overall Pick(s)
One 31 31
Two 2(from Chiefs), 29 34, 61
Three 12(from Panthers), 31 74, 93
Four 31, 34(compensatory) 93, 128
Five 24(from Colts) 157
Six 7(from Browns), 12(from Dolphins 175, 180
Seven 21(from Bengals), 40(compensatory), 46(compensatory) 227, 246, 252

Total: 13 Picks

Team Needs: Safety, Defensive Line, Wide Receiver, and Cornerback

Consensus First Round Pick: Defensive Tackle, Jesse Williams, Alabama

Prospects That Fit Team Needs:

Early Rounds: DT Sylvester Williams, (North Carolina); TE Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame); Matt Elam (Florida); CB Robert Alford (Southeastern Louisiana); S Eric Reid (LSU); DT Jesse Williams (Alabama)

Middle Rounds: WR Aaron Dobsin (Marshall); DT Brandon Williams (Missouri Southern); TE Jordan Reed (Florida); S Phillip Thomas (Fresno State); S DJ Swearinger (South Carolina); Tyrann Mathieu (LSU)

Late Rounds: S Earl Wolf (N.C. State); WR Reggie Dunn (Utah); OLB Joe Kruger (Utah); OLB Quanterus Smith (WKU); K Dustin Hopkins (Florida Ste)

The San Francisco 49ers were very close to clinching the Vince Lombardi Trophy in 2012. They will be the defending NFC Champions in 2013. A season where a coach made a courageous call to bench their quarterback (Alex Smith), who led them to the NFC Championship the year before in 2011, and go with Colin Kapernick, was one of the best coaching decisions in 2012. The 49ers have their quarterback moving forward, and still have him under contract for a low price a couple more years. That gives the 49ers more cap room than other teams like the Ravens who are paying $20 million a year just to their quarterback.

The team was able to sign Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency. With their secondary molding into a new look for the 2013 season, they lost Dashon Goldson to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On top of Goldson, they lost nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Offensively, the team traded Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, and acquired wide receiver Anquan Boldin from the Baltimore Ravens. Boldin will be adding on to a group that already has Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree. The 49ers lost Ted Ginn Jr. in free agency to the Carolina Panthers. They also lost Delanie Walker to the Tennessee Titans. So their needs of a number two tight end and a potential receiver shows.

The 49ers hold the cards and will decide what is best for the team when April 25th rolls around. Expect them to go defense early so that they can try to fill some position needs. Nose tackle seems to be a huge need right now and they might consider trading up if the time is right. Defensive tackle is deep early in this first round, but only a number of them can fit into the 3-4 nose tackle mold. Alabama’s Jesse Williams’ phone may just be ringing with a San Francisco area code on the caller ID. The Australian has a rugby background and took up football when he was 15 years old. Helped Alabama become the best scoring defense in the nation in 2012. A way better run stopper than pass rusher. Maybe not a three-down player.

Matt Elam from Florida is the number two guy I look at for the 49ers. Lacks size, but emerged as a great talent for Florida in 2012. Makes plays all game long, if you can keep him out of law trouble. The 49ers have a strong lockerroom so that does not seem to be a big problem. Compared to Panthers S Charles Godfrey.

In just 17 days, we will see what the 49ers will do with that 30th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Until then, follow us on Twitter @NFLGridironGab and Like us on Facebook!

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