New Eagles Coach Kelly Not Making Many Fans Around The NFL

Let’s just say that the first impression from new Eagles coach Chip Kelly didn’t exactly sell many people on his character.

Kelly, rightfully so, is taking a lot of hits among those in the media for flipping his mind from staying with the University of Oregon to going to the Eagles.

“The challenge is what I was excited about and that’s why I came,” Kelly said Wednesday. “I was sold on the Eagles the first time I met them, it was my ties to Oregon that made it hard. But the Eagles are the Eagles. This is the NFL.

“My dream is to just win, and with the Eagles, this was the best opportunity for me to win. I never thought a long time ago that I was going to be able to coach in the NFL but I’m excited about the opportunity.”

Kelly clearly looks like another version of Bobby Petrino or Nick Saban, who more NFL frauds who ran back to college coaching after the burner got turned up and they couldn’t take the heat.

“I know it’s a rabid fan base,” Kelly said. “I hope they don’t boo me. It’s an exciting time and I’m ready to get to work.”

Eagles fans may not boo you, but Kelly had better not expect many others around the NFL community to applaud his move to join the NFL after his earlier announcement he would stay in Oregon.

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