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Most Intense NFL Rivalries

While everyone loves to support their favorite sports teams, the adrenaline rush of watching your favorite team battle it out in the field with their most fierce rival is unmatchable. Sports rivalries are a tale as old as time itself, and every time two intense rivals face off against each other on the field, we just know it would make for a great match.

It is not any different for the NFL (National Football League), where rivalries are not limited to the field. The loyal fans of the sport do not stop at anything to support their favorite teams. There is nothing better than seeing two teams at the top of their game battle it out while we sit in front of the television, praying that our team wins. Even though we do not have a horse in the race, we know that every time the rivals face off against each other, we would remember the outcome for the years to come.

Let us take a look at some of the most intense NFL rivalries.

Dallas Cowboys & New York Giants

The Cowboys-Giants rivalry is one of the most iconic in the National Football League history. It dates back to their first match, which took place on December 4, 1960. Both teams scored 31 goals, and it was declared a tie.

Since their first match, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants have faced off against each other 118 times. While the Giants dominated earlier, the Cowboys gained momentum later and defeated the Giants in 17 out of 20 games in the 1970s. Since then, both teams have kept their scores even, with either team emerging as the winner now and then.

Chicago Bears & Green Bay Packers

The Bears-Packers rivalry dates back even further than the Cowboy-Giants rivalry. Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are the oldest NFL teams and home to some of the most renowned football players in the world.

The teams played in their first NFL match on November 27, 1921, where the Bears defeated the Packers with an aggregate of 20-0.

Since then, they have faced off against each other 202 times, with the aggregate of 101-95-6 in favor of the Packers. It is one of the most-played rivalries in the NFL, which has been renewed every year since 1921 except in 1982.

The Green Bay Packers hold the current winning streak with four consecutive wins. The crazy rivalry has even had broken collarbones and locker-room horse manure incidents in its unbelievable history.

Baltimore Ravens & Pittsburgh Steelers

The Ravens-Steelers rivalry is arguably one of the most intense NFL rivalries of all time. The rivalry is as physical as emotional, with both football teams putting forth their tough defensive squads.

The two teams first faced off against each other on September 8, 1996, when the Steelers managed to defeat the Ravens with an aggregate of 31-17. They have played against each other in 54 total matches, with the Pittsburgh Steelers leading with 30-24.

Both teams belong to the American Football Conference North (AFC North) division, and both have won the Super Bowl. The Steelers have six wins to their name, while the Ravens have two Super Bowl wins to their credit.

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