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Kenny Mayne Starts A Push To Move The Super Bowl To Saturday


Kenny Mayne, the semi-regularly popular sports broadcaster and former garbage man, today launched an initiative to move football’s annual Super Bowl® from its traditional perch on Sunday to a more sensible Saturday.

With the support of CafePress (, the world’s leading customized retailer, Mayne is asking football fans to visit to support moving the storied big game to Saturday, and consumers who share content from the site in support of a move with the hashtag #MoveTheBigGame can qualify to win tickets to any 2014 NFL game along with gift certificates for merchandise from CafePress.

“I’ve been reporting on sports for what feels like 56 years and I can say without question that the Super Bowl is every bit as big as the Grey Cup – don’t ever question me,” said Mayne, while wearing a pair of pants. “But having the big game on Sunday is about as relevant as something not relevant. It’s time to move the Super Bowl to Saturday and I’m doing it with the help of CafePress because they care about America because they’re the most Americanized American place on the Internet machine pretty much, well, ever.”

As the game has become, in essence, an American holiday, Mayne suggests a socio-economic argument to move the Big Game to Saturday because:

  • ·  Retail sales: Parties would become grander events, and party hosts would buy more food and beverages to accommodate a greater number of guests, thus benefiting grocery stores and other retailers.
  • ·  More viewers: With no work the next day, more non-sports fans would attend big game related events and parties, and when more non-football fans watch, the networks gain more overall viewers, translating into their ability to charge more for advertising.
  • ·  Workplace productivity: The Monday after the game is cited as one of the least productive work days in the American work calendar as people have been up late watching the game and they spend much of that Monday talking about what happened– either on the field or the commercials.

“Sure, some of those silly purists might think it’s out of bounds to play the Super Bowl on any day but Sunday,” Mayne added, while still wearing pants. “But it’s hardly unprecedented to alter a sports tradition. Have you seen college badminton? That’s been dramatically altered since 1973.”

In support of Mayne’s endeavors, CafePress is offering a $10 Move The Big Game t-shirt available here.

“We agree with Kenny that this might be the most important endeavor in the history of important endeavors,” said a guy pressing one of the t-shirts on the floor of CafePress’ manufacturing facility in Louisville. “Kenny not only smells great, but he’s smarter than all of those smart guys at the NFL. Let’s move the game to Saturday.”

Visit to support moving the Super Bowl to Saturday.

The campaign is not acknowledged, condoned, authorized by the National Football League,  nor the cast of any of The Fast & Furious films etc. as sort of tongue in cheek nod to trademark use…

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1 Comment

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