Jets QB Geno Smith Fires Agent After Falling In Draft

Not getting picked in the top 10, or even the first round for that matter, has upset new Jets QB Geno Smith to the point where he’s decided he’s going to switch up agents.

Smith, and many others for that matter, felt he was going to be the first QB picked in the draft, and some had him going as high as 6 to the Cleveland Browns. Instead he fell all the way to 39th overall to the New York Jets.

The QB was with Select Sports Group, but likely will try to find one of the big boys of agents in the NFL world.

Smith sat, and sat, and sat through the first round as he went undrafted. He said he wouldn’t return Friday for the second round, but did, and, in a surprise pick, was selected by the Jets.

Last year, the 39th overall pick (Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins) signed a four-year, $4.99 million deal.

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