Jets Open To The Idea Of Trading CB Darelle Revis

By Jordan Aaron

Well, it seems that one of my bolder desires for the Jets this offseason may become the only one that comes true.

Rich Cimini, of ESPN, reported last night that Woody Johnson and the Jets’ new GM John Idzik are open to the trading of Darelle Revis. The Jets’ past experiences trying to resign Darelle Revis point to a long drawn out process. With the Jets’ salary cap in despair and many a penny to be spared, it may not be a terrible move.

As I’ve stated in the past, I think a Revis trade could be one of the best they can make. Revis, despite his ACL injury, is a high value player. And if anything from this season can be a sign of the future, teams may see Adrian Peterson’s comeback from the same injury as an optimistic sign for Darrelle Revis’ future. I also believe that a player that holds out from camp, and cares more about his team than true victory is not the asset he appears to be.

Look, I know a lot of Jets fans will call me a “moron” or a “bum” who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Well, my views of a solid franchise caliber player include being a proper teammate who takes victory over money. If you want to go into deep negotiations in the offseason, be my guest, but when training camp starts, as a seasoned veteran leader, you better be on the field with the rest of your team, preparing for battle.

Don’t get me wrong. Revis may be the most, if not the only, consistent player on the Jets. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a trade out. A lot of teams could use a talented defensive player to kick-start their defenses. And the Jets also recently sent Revis himself to talk to Tyrann Mathieu, the “Honey Badger,” out of LSU.

Could these be real rumors? Could the Jets be trying to replace the beloved Darelle Revis with another young CB? Could they be trying to replace him with Mathieu?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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