Is Aaron Rodgers Really The Leader of the Pack?

By John Radtke

JS Online regarding Aaron Rodgers leadership abilities.

I am really amazed at what passes as news today. Are we really questioning Aaron Rodgers leadership? He is a NFL MVP, Superbowl MVP, and is considered by many NFL experts as the best quarterback in league.

I find it interesting that the agent for primadonna Jermichael Finley criticizes Aaron Rodgers leadership. Shannon Sharpe from CBS sports criticized Rodgers, “he blames everyone else for his shortcomings.” Then there was Greg Jennings sister on Twitter stating that, “Rodgers is overrated and that Manning or Brady would have five touchdowns a game with this receiving corp.”

I’m not trying to take away someone’s right to free speech. I would be a hypocrite since I am writing a blog about Aaron Rodgers leadership. All I can state are some of information reported by ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC, and other media outlets.

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