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How Has Professional Football Changed Over The Years?

The game of football has changed considerably over the years. If you aren’t quite sure what the biggest changes have been or if you want to find out more about that, then this is the guide for you.

Aggressive Play Calling

The mainstream opinion is that aggressive play-calling has now increased. During the first half of the game, the situation is usually very fluid. During the last quarter though, you tend to have way more fourth-down attempts. This has risen by a total of 55% in the last 10 years alone. Two-point conversions have also rocketed, and they now stand at over 569%. Some coaches are actually going for two even though they are eight points down in the last quarter. They are choosing not to wait until later when they have less time on the clock to compensate for a big miss. The reason why it is so easy to take notice of changes like this is because of analytics. It’s known that games are now more interesting, and they are also far more dramatic too. This is helping to make NFL betting even more exciting as well. Now, if you want the best NFL betting odds in Canada, you need to take into account the end-game drama that quite often tips the scales.

Stadium Moves

Five teams have moved into a new stadium in the last decade alone. Three more did so in 2020 and that will end the era of high-stake negotiations. The frenzy has led to the complete abandonment of three major NFL cities. You have Saint Louis and San Diego. This forced the league to cash in their leverage chips so that Los Angeles could become the home to a team. You had the Rams and then the Chargers who moved into the SoFi stadium and you also had the Raiders as well. They moved to the Allegiant stadium.

New Special Teams

Two major rule changes have really helped to change the game. You have the 2011 shift, and this changed the kick-off line from 30-yards to 35. On top of this, you have the touchback rate as well. This rocketed, going from 16% to 60%. This minimized a very exciting but a very dangerous play. There have also been adjustments to the coverage rules in 2018 as well. This made the kick-off much safer, and it also prevented the elimination in the play as well. That being said, it truly didn’t do enough to incentivize many more players to make returns. The decision to move the extra point to the 15-yard line helped to make the point after more automatic. This really did change the game and it also made it far more exciting for the future. Of course, the changes that have happened have helped to ensure that everyone has the best time both on and off the field and it just goes to show that sometimes minor changes can have an incredibly large impact on the game as we know it.

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