Have the New York Giants Soured on the Thought of Drafting QB Dwayne Haskins?

In just 38 days teams from all over the league are going to try and get the best value for the picks they have in the 2019 NFL Draft, taking place in Nashville, home of the Tennessee Titans.

One player that has been talked about over and over is that of Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, and if you checked out sports betting online in NJ, you will see that Haskins is a player that has plenty of talent, and will have plenty of eyes on him in just over a month.

One of those teams that have been talking about Haskins is that of the New York Giants, but now Dianna Russini of ESPN reports that the Giants don’t feel that the OSU QB is a fit for the team.

How far has Haskins fallen in the eyes of the Giants? Russini stated on the Big Blue Podcast that the Giants are barely scouting him.

ESPN’s Jordan Raanan speculates the Giants aren’t interested because the team doesn’t see enough “elusiveness in the pocket” from the 21-year-old play-caller, creating a sense of doubt the front office cannot seem to overlook.

The Giants are not a team that normally takes a quarterback the likes of Haskins in terms of one that can roll out of the pocket and throw, but then maybe it’s time for the team to think outside the box a bit.

For now, it sounds like the powers that be still want to stick with 38-year-old QB Eli Manning for the 2019 season, a player who has seen better days, and one that has simply had too many chances and the team has to find a way to move on from.

Expect those in charge for the Giants to use the No. 6 overall pick on a “safe” option on the opposite side of the ball, despite the fact that Manning last season didn’t look even close to the caliber of what he was even 3-4 seasons ago.

The aggressive Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys are looking to overtake the Giants for good and leave them in the dust, the way that things are going in New York, such as the trading of Odell Beckham Jr. and now not going after Haskins, the G-Men might just hit rock bottom before they make a recovery back to where they were back in the Super Bowl days.

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