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Free Agency Through An Agent’s Eyes

Here at NFL Gridiron Gab, we had the privilege to interview an NFL Agent. Our very own writer/reporter, Brandon Sweeney, sat down and interviewed David Canter of DEC Management to talk to him about what an NFL Agent goes through during the NFL Free Agency process. David is a graduate of both Ithaca College and the University Of Miami School Of Law. David received his Bachelor of Science in Sports Management from Ithaca in 1995. While at Ithaca David was a founding member of the Sports Management Club and played football for the Division III National Champion Bombers. Some of David Canter’s top clients are: Sean Smith (Chiefs), Eric Weddle (Chargers), Paul Soliai (Dolphins), and Brandon Siler (Chiefs). Read what David had to say about being an NFL Agent dealing with several clients, teams, and the frantic time of Free Agency.


David, thank you so much for spending some of your time with NFL Gridiron Gab.
David Canter: Thank you for having me.

What is the NFL Free Agent period like those first let’s say, 48 hours after it opens for an NFL Agent?
David Canter: It’s definitely a hectic time. You spend a lot of time fielding calls from teams related to your clients, then relaying the interest levels of those teams to your clients. A lot of people do not realize that for agents and players without jobs, free agency goes on until you get your client a job on a team. So it’s not just the initial two days but a months long process for some clients.

David, one of your most talented players Sean Smith signed with the Kansas City Chiefs this free agency. What was Sean’s mindset in changing teams and what kind of things do you have to worry about when your talking to teams to get the best for your client?
David Canter: I think Sean and I both knew towards the end of last year that a change of team was going to be the best fit for what he does defensively and we started talking and looking forward to the future. Kansas City is a fantastic fit because the defensive back’s coach (Al Harris) there was the assistant defensive back coach in Miami and is a former bump press corner just like Sean. The scheme and staff in Miami no longer fit with what Sean’s strong parts of his game are so moving to a place where the defensive coordinator and defensive back coach both stress press corner and bump and run was huge, and I truly believe Sean will have a pro bowl season and establish himself among the best in the NFL at the corner position.

As an agent, do you look forward to free agency or would you rather have the client re-sign with his team?
David Canter: Each situation is different. With Eric Weddle two years ago, and with Paul Soliai last year, both clients wanted me to do as much as possible to get them to stay with the original team. It did however take getting to free agency and exploring the market before either player signed back with their original team. With Steve Gregory, Blake Costanzo, and Sean Smith, we always felt like their value in other cities might be more both financially and football wise than by staying with their original team and we were right.

The first two weeks of free agency are over. If your client has not been signed going into the draft, what are your thoughts and what do you think you have to do to get a client signed?
David Canter:  I have a unique program that I have developed where my client list goes out weekly at 3 different intervals via 3 different sources (fax, text, email), and it allows me to keep teams up to date on where my clients are and what they are doing. Over the past two plus years, it’s been an invaluable tool in helping me get guys jobs and placed with teams.

David, that is a brilliant technique and an excellent program. I want to thank you so much for spending some time out of your busy schedule to do this with us. Best of luck to you and the future.
David Canter: Thanks please make sure your readers keep informed by following me on twitter @davidcanter

This is part one of a two part interview with David. Our second interview covers the NFL Draft. Make sure you keep checking in to see when that will be released. Check out David’s website by going to and as he said, following him on Twitter @davidcanter. Along with following us @NFLGridironGab.

Brandon Sweeney is Co-Editor of the Sports Gab Network. Sweeney became interested in writing in 2010 and slowly started his climb to success. You can follow Sweeney on Twitter ; on Facebook ; on Sulia and on Google+

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