Former RB Trent Richardson Says His Family & Friends Blew $1.6 Million in 10 Months


ESPN’s E:60 put together a profile of Trent Richardson, one that painted plenty of off-field issues, especially from family, friends and hangers-on who spent a huge chunk of his money — $1.6 million between January and October 2015 — as his professional life was crumbling, Phil Friend of the Indianapolis Star reports.

“I spend $300 in two weeks. They’re all trying to live a lifestyle that I’m not even living,” said Richardson, who has earned approximately $18 million during his career according to “They’re all living the lifestyle they think I should be living.”

Richardson bought an $825,000 house his rookie year in Cleveland and paid rent on another in which his mother lived in. Richardson also purchased a $325,000 house in Pensacola, Fla., for his grandmother.

When his inner circle came to Indy, they stayed in a $1 million mansion he purchased.

“I had to pay movers to pack the house. Why do people gotta pack my house? There’s a thousand people staying in this house right now. Y’all can’t do this?” Richardson said.

As he struggled in Indy, he’d go straight to his room after practices and games.

“I was tired and stressed out because you’re thinking about everything,” Richardson said.

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