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Former NFL Quarterback Doug Flutie Talks About The Current Roster Of QBs

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Ever wonder what some of the NFL old-timers think about this current batch of players? The folks over at Betway recently caught up with the one and only Doug Flutie, and it was interesting to get an OG’s perspective on the current state of football.

Naturally, one of the first questions they asked Flutie is which current-day quarterback he’d compare himself to. And he gave a rather interesting answer.. No, not Kyler Murray, who, at 5ft 10in, most resembles Doug Flutie in a physical sense. But rather Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

“I love watching Patrick Mahomes, because he validates all the stuff that I tried to do,” says Flutie. “I was a shortstop in baseball, so I threw side-arm passes, jump passes. Just get the ball to the receiver however you can.

“But the thing that he does, that I did exceptionally well in Canada and transferred somewhat to the NFL, was when they’d overload blitz you. Everybody’s been coached all their life to get rid of the ball, but what Patrick Mahomes can do, because he’s so darn athletic, is drift and give ground.

“He can buy that extra second, second-and-a-half, not scrambling, but drifting away from the rusher coming at him, and still throw a corner route, still throw a post route, still throw a go route.”

“Being able to still throw the ball up the field, even though there’s an unblocked guy coming at you, it creates so many issues for a defense.”

He goes on to talk about how height (or lack thereof) was an issue during his time in the league, as most deemed him too short to become a successful quarterback. But these days, players are judged on their skill and athleticism, not their height. Needless to say, if he were playing in recent years, his career could have looked vastly different. But Flutie isn’t one to dwell too much on what could have been.

Flutie goes on to talk about his time with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, along with breaking down his picks for the perfect quarterback. It’s a super interesting read, so head over to Betway Insider to check it out in its entirety!

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