Falcons QB Ryan Played Final Snaps Of NFC Title Game Hurt

If the Falcons would have rallied to best the Niners in the NFC Championship game, they would have played Baltimore with a banged up QB.

Pete Prisco
of CBS reports that Atlanta QB Matt Ryan played the last two plays vs the Niners with a separated left shoulder.

“In a way, I was shocked we didn’t score there at the end,” Ryan said. “We had done it so many times before. We were facing one of the best defenses, if not the best defense, and I still thought we would go down and score. We just didn’t get it done.”

The Falcons have said that it was a four-week injury, suggesting he probably wouldn’t have played in the Super Bowl if the Falcons made it but Ryan disagrees, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports reports.

“Knowing myself, I think I would have played,” Ryan said. “I would have done everything to play in that game. Yeah, I would have played.”

What about the four-week timetable?

“That’s four weeks to 100-percent,” Ryan said. “Get about halfway there and you have to go.”

And if he had played, and taken a hit on the shoulder?

“I wouldn’t be practicing in OTAs today,” Ryan said laughing. “I’d be taking my time getting it right.”

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